The Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd Street

About the Author: Sharon G. Flake

Sharon G Flake is the author of five books, The Skin I m In 1998 , Money Hungry 2002 , Begging for Change 2003 , Who Am I Without Him Short Stories About Boys and the Girls in Their Lives 2004 , Bang Sept 2005 , and her latest novel The Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd Street 2007.Her work is used in public and private schools around the nation, from elementary to high school, and

[Ebook] ➯ The Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd Street ➮ Sharon G. Flake –
  • Hardcover
  • 144 pages
  • The Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd Street
  • Sharon G. Flake
  • English
  • 13 December 2017
  • 9781423100324

The Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd StreetI Am A Queen I Live In A Castle, Right Across The Street From The John Howard Housing Projects Every Day Right After School I Run To My Bedroom Window And Open It Wide Even In The Middle Of Winter When The Wind Blows Wet Snow Up My Nose I Watch For My Knight In Shining Armor He S Ten Years Old, Like Me, And Rides A Bike A Two Wheeler With Rusty Spokes And Torn Up Seat So Begins Sharon Flake S Highly Anticipated New Novel A Moving Story Of An Unlikely Friendship.Queen Is A Royal Pain In The Neck Her Highness Treats Everyone Like Her Loyal Subjects Her Classmates, Her Teacher, Even Her Parents That S Why All The Kids Hate Her And It S Hard For Her To Make Friends To Make Matters Worse, Queen Known She Is Bright Her Teacher Thinks She S A Spoiled Know It All, And That Keeps Her In Hot Water As Well When A New Kid Comes To Queen S School Riding A Broken Bike And Wearing Run Over Shoes, He Immediately Becomes The Butt Of Everyone S Jokes Her Parents Insist She Be Nice To Leroy, Since History Has Never Been Kind To Queens Who Forget How To Be Humble But Leroy Isn T Just Smelly, Queen Thinks That He Tells Fibs Whoppers In Fact And When He Says He S An African Prince From Senegal, Sparks Fly Between Him And Queen There S Only Room For One Blue Blooded Family On 33rd Street, And Queen Is Determined To Prove Leroy Is An Impostor What Queen Ultimately Discovers About Leroy Makes Her Wonder What Happily Ever After Really Means If A Broken Bike Boy Is Truly Queen S Knight In Shining Armor, Can He Save Her From Herself, By Teaching Her How To Be A Good Friend

10 thoughts on “The Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd Street

  1. Alaysia McGhee says:

    The book is about a girl named queen who has both of her parents and her dad has always treated her like a queen and her mom didn t like it so she kept telling him to stop before she gets to spoiled and only cares about herself and somebody else So when she went to school she was always saying she was queen and everyone else was her servants so her teacher didn t really like her just because she was always acting like that like everything was all about her So then this boy named Leroy came to her school as the new kid and she and others were saying he stinks and why does he have holes in his clothes and is bike was all broken up She hung out with him for some moments and got to know him and was saying why do you smell so bad and he laughed and said i have a skunk at home and no one believed him they just though he didn t bathe So one day her mom invites him to their house for dinner and he loved it and queen kept being so rude and her mother and father started lacking attention to her and punished her because no one should be treated like that.Then Leroy starts telling her parents a story on how he was a prince in Africa before her came here so queen didn t like how he was supposively lying and she kept thinking she was and he went back to school telling all about these things and she kept telling people it s not true he s lying and everyone started not liking her because she was jealous So she sneaks around to wherever he goes to find evidence and one day she follows him to his moms house without him knowing and then he catches her and she talks to his mother and he tells her to go away then his mother didn t like that a little girl was being noisy so she gets and attitude with queen and starts asking her why she wanted to know so much and its none of her business and slams the door shut in her face Then another day when he and Leroy doesn t like each other still she finds out one of Leroy s friends and he tells riddles so she would sneak to his house everyday and he doesn t let her in that easy so she has to solve the riddle to get in so she takes it home and brings it back and finishes it overnight then comes back to the man and he grants her in and she starts asking questions about if all of this stuff is true and he tells her yes and shows her pictures and asks him to not tell leroy that s she s been there and suddenly he finds out and confronts her and tells her stop being so annoying and nosey so she apoligizes and he accepts and she now beilieves him so he gets invited back over to her house for dinner and that was the end.

  2. Blessin says:

    I love this book I read this book when is was in book club and this when a boy moves come to their school and he s stanks

  3. Arianna Bowen says:

    it was moving because the first time she was talking to leroy she was so mean to him and all that time she thought he was lying and he wasn t and the way it ended that was sweet

  4. Chase says:

    Great story I really did like it I will see what other books this author has.

  5. Diane Carrozzo says:

    Easy read about a haughty girl who learns her lesson.

  6. Molly says:

    it was really funny

  7. August says:

    i like t5he book so far.

  8. Betsy says:

    I m probably the laziest person I know when it comes to reviewing books I m okay on the reading part, and I m just ducky at putting a book in my To Be Reviewed Pile It s at the point when the book merges with the general pile that I tend to get distracted, though Books get seriously frighteningly buried I guess that s the danger with a vertical rather than a horizontal pile Then the mediocre books begin to disappear from my mind I forget their details and their characters I can t conjure up a notable scene or moment from them, and then the end of the year rolls around and it s too late to review them anyway Once in a great while, however, I ll bury a book deep down into my pile and it ll remain in my brain for months on end Today s example of this is Sharon G Flake s, The Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd Street I read this book so long ago that I ve no clear cut memory of the time or season any Yet when I plucked it up just now it was if I d finished it in its entirety only yesterday Until this book the only Flake title I d ever read was the mighty YA, Who Am I Without Him Broken Bike Boy , then, proves that Flake s talent for switching genres is rivaled only by her strong characterizations.At first when I was reading this book, I was well, basically I read this book like a kid would I really did NOT like silly stuck up Queen and I was feeling than a little mad at Ms Flake for forcing her upon me I mean, this is a gal doted upon by her father and all her brothers When one of them sends her a present she recounts how, Then like always, he told me how much he loved me Right after that I called my other brothers, to see what they would send me ARG Tell me that doesn t make you feel just a little crazy Spoiled kids make for frustrating if intense reading I m ashamed to say that I was probably halfway through the book before it occurred to me that maybe you weren t supposed to like Queen Maybe that was kind of the point I ve been so used to reading characters like Ida B from the novel of the same name that I had difficulty recognizing when I was supposed to be annoyed by my protagonist Kudos to Ms Flake then It takes guts to make an unlikable hero Guts and talent.Pity about the end, really Chapter 26 goes way too fast and ends the book with an abruptness that takes your breath away Spoiler alert for those of you who d rather not know the end First of all, the villains are punks with pink hair It s so retro it almost works But then the action sequence starts and the herky jerky writing throws everything off For some reason, the style that serves the rest of the book so well goes wayward and odd here Sentences are short and don t connect to one another in a pleasing fashion Then the next thing you know you re at the end of the book and it s all happened so quickly that you don t know if you re coming or going.Be all that as it may be, I m a fan The book sticks with you Queen is so infuriating that it s nothing short of amazing that Flake is capable of making her sympathetic The feeling of wanting to root for Queen even as you throttle her makes this book a standout in a fairly dull year Ideal for booktalks, book discussion, and reading aloud in the classroom Two thumbs up.

  9. Lou Hunley says:

    Whenever I stand in the corner, I close my eyes and see myself sitting on a throne in a long white gown with a giant ruby crown on my head I m telling all the people who serve me to polish the silver and scrub the floors clean for the royal party Queen RosseauMy name is Marie Queen Rousseau I live in a castle on 33rd Street right across the street from the John Howard Housing Project My father named me Queen because he wanted everyone to know that his only daughter was special I have three brothers in college they make a big deal out of me They are always sending me letters with special crown stickers.I am not the most popular girl in my class but hey, I can t help it if I am cuter and smarter than other kids my age My teacher, Mrs McBride, doesn t like me either She never calls on me even when I know the answers The other day she ignored me when I told her how to spell superstitious.Last Saturday my friend Carmen came over to my house I was wearing my special royal gown with a crown to match my dress She actually acted insulted when I suggested that she would make a good slave She even went home and told her parents who talked to my parents and now I am in big trouble Carmen can be so mean Now, there s a new kid in our class at school named Leroy He lives across the street at the housing project and he smells bad He s making up all sorts of stories about how he s a prince from Africa He came over to my house and my parents were so nice to him It s just so unfair I ve got to prove that he s lying.You see, it s all part of my quest to find my knight in shining armor Sometimes knights show up in unexpected places, could Leroy, the broken bike boy, be my hero after all Other books you might like The Road to Paris by Nikki Grimes Brand New School, Brave New Ruby by Derrick Barnes My New Best Friend by Julie Bowe Lunch Money by Andrew Clements

  10. Teresa Scherping Moulton says:

    Queen Rosseau got her name because her father wanted everyone to know that she is someone special Queen is smart and stylish, and she knows it which is part of the problem Queen has trouble making and keeping friends because she expects them to bow to her and act as servants She also has a problem with saying any mean thing that comes to mind, like when she tells new kid Leroy that he s smelly and a liar Leroy rides a broken bike around town and tells people he s an African prince Queen will soon need Leroy s help, though, because she doesn t have anyone left who will be her friend What will it take for this mean Queen transform into a kind and humble one I definitely enjoyed this one Queen managed to just barely be likeable, despite the fact that she says and does mean things over and over I thought that her struggle was actually pretty realistic, though if someone has trouble relating positively with others, that s not going to be solved by just one learning experience It makes sense that it takes Queen a while to change her behavior The book overall definitely stands out from the crowd of other short chapter books.This book would be best for grades 4 6 I would recommend to anyone who wants a multicultural book or one that might spark classroom discussion It might also be good for a parent who doesn t want their daughter to imitate sassypants girl characters because at least Queen learns a lesson in this Readalikes could include Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel, which is also African American fiction about a girl who makes friends with the new boy at school, and even Harriet the Spy, because they re both about girls who act badly and lose friends and have to reconcile.