Philip II of Macedonia

About the Author: Ian Worthington

Ian Worthington is Curators Professor of History and Adjunct Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Missouri.

[Ebook] ➥ Philip II of Macedonia Author Ian Worthington –
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Philip II of Macedonia
  • Ian Worthington
  • English
  • 11 June 2017
  • 9780300120790

Philip II of MacedoniaAlexander The Great Is Probably The Most Famous Ruler Of Antiquity, And His Spectacular Conquests Are Recounted Often In Books And Films But What Of His Father, Philip II, Who United Macedonia, Created The Best Army In The World At The Time, And Conquered And Annexed Greece This Landmark Biography Is The First To Bring Philip To Life, Exploring The Details Of His Life And Legacy And Demonstrating That His Achievements Were So Remarkable That It Can Be Argued They Outshone Those Of His Famous Son Without Philip, Greek History Would Have Been Entirely Different.Taking Into Account Recent Archaeological Discoveries And Reinterpreting Ancient Literary Records, Ian Worthington Brings To Light Philip S Political, Economic, Military, Social, And Cultural Accomplishments He Reveals The Full Repertoire Of The King S Tactics, Including Several Polygamous Diplomatic Marriages, Deceit, Bribery, Military Force, And A Knack For Playing Off Enemies Against One Another The Author Also Inquires Into The King S Influences, Motives, And Aims, And In Particular His Turbulent, Unraveling Relationship With Alexander, Which May Have Ended In Murder Philip Became In Many Ways The First Modern Regent Of The Ancient World, And This Book Places Him Where He Properly Belongs Firmly At The Center Stage Of Greek History.

10 thoughts on “Philip II of Macedonia

  1. Jess ✩ says:

    THIS WAS INCREDIBLE I really enjoyed learning around Alexanders father and how he united Macedonia and how he paved the way for his son I am definitely going to be checking out some of Worthington s other books because his writing his phenomenal Now to write a paper for this.

  2. John Bohman says:

    Was looking for a book on Phillip as it always seemed to me that what he accomplished was in many ways impressive and complex than his famous son This book does a great job of telling that story in an easy to read narrative form, while giving you a great understanding of the source material.

  3. Derek Weese says:

    I hate to give such a well researched book a low rating, but I feel compelled to do so I read a lot of history, ALOT of it It informs my own writing fiction and helps me in building worlds Not to mention its my major and I really am passionate about it.But one thing that really annoys me about academic history and this book is certainly academic is that academics are terrible writers History is a story, in fact story is the root word of history It is the human story there is no higher drama than the tales of those who accomplished great things in the past All of the greatest works of fiction ever created and I love my fair share of them are still not as dramatic or epic as real life human events Most people now hate history Why Because, to them, it is boring Whose fault is this I believe that academia must own 90% of the blame for this Sometime after World War Two the historical profession was taken over by those who would rather deal in theory read BS rather than deal with what REALLY ACTUALLY HAPPENED This, of course, took all of the humanity away from the subject matter and made history a bo...

  4. Steve Donoghue says:

    A first rate biography probably the best of its kind that could be written at our present level of archeological knowledge of the complex, immensely capable father of Alexander the Great Here s my review

  5. Simon says:

    Somewhat revisionist of Alexanders role, but probably right so Makes a good case that Philips achievements outshone his sons.