THE APOCALYPSE: Lectures on the Book of Revelation

About the Author: Joseph A. Seiss

Joseph A Seiss 1823 1904 was one of the most effective and popular Lutheran preachers of the nineteenth century In addition to his pastoral duties, he was active as a lecturer and writer His than a dozen works include The Gospel in Leviticus, Lectures on Hebrews, and The Apocalypse.

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  • THE APOCALYPSE: Lectures on the Book of Revelation
  • Joseph A. Seiss
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  • 09 November 2018
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THE APOCALYPSE: Lectures on the Book of RevelationOriginally Published In Three Volumes From 1870 To 1884, J.A Seiss S Lectures On The Apocalypse Were Among The First Popular Works Based Upon The Futurist Interpretation Of Revelation Considered By Modern Evangelical Scholars To Be Among The Most Influential, The Collected Lectures Have Been Called A Monumental Work, Thoroughly Scholarly And Spiritual, And The Highest Type Of Scholarship For Bible Students, Teachers, And Christians Of All Types, This Is The Work To Turn To For Understandable, In Depth Explanations Of The Most Intriguing Book Of The Bible American Lutheran Pastor JOSEPH AUGUST SEISS 1823 1904 Was Born In Maryland And Served Congregations In Virginia, Maryland, And Pennsylvania In Addition To His Translations Of Hymns From The Original German, He Also Authored Numerous Books, Including The Gospel In The Stars And The Great Pyramid A Miracle In Stone.

10 thoughts on “THE APOCALYPSE: Lectures on the Book of Revelation

  1. Michael says:

    For me this is the best book i have ever read on the Book of Revelation I find him clear and fair He is aware of alternate interpretations of the text, but for me,he seems to give good reasons why the interpretation he has chosen is correct I beleive the...

  2. Doug Newell says:

    This was hit and miss When it was good, it was really good I profited most from his vivid descriptions of some of the scenes and his applications.

  3. Les Wolf says:

    The unbeliever is in a constant struggle to find justification for his or her unbelief The miracle of Jesus birth and ministry, death and resurrection first have to be ignored or maligned or belittled or held in contempt The bible itself must be characterized as obsolete, phony, inconsistent and contrived and the work of the church and its saints are sidelined, marginalized, ridiculed or simply passed off as one of the many fancies of human beings throughout history.But if God exists and He did come to earth to save mankind, how would He come I would assert that he would come as a humble servant and minister, a healer and teacher, a miracle worker and martyr Then only those who would prostrate themselves with a humble spirit and broken heart would be able to come to Him He would resist the proud because, for them, He would have no appeal The liar would think Him a liar, the cheater would think Him a cheat that only the true and sincere heart would be able to find Him.The Book of Revelation largely deals with the time when there is no redemption, ...

  4. Todd Bryant says:

    Not the easiest read by far but full of good information Solid commentary on the Book of Revelation.