Two Runs of Stone: a Beckoning Call

About the Author: Steven D. Nielsen

[EPUB] ✶ Two Runs of Stone: a Beckoning Call ✹ Steven D. Nielsen –
  • Hardcover
  • 477 pages
  • Two Runs of Stone: a Beckoning Call
  • Steven D. Nielsen
  • 08 April 2019
  • 9781932280180

Two Runs of Stone: a Beckoning CallA Fascinating Family Saga That Takes The Reader From The Crowded Streets Victorian Copenhagen To The Lush Countryside Of Denmark A Fascinating Portrayal Of A Danish Family S Encounter With Mormonism This Is Historical Fiction With A Depth And Beauty That Will Capture And Entertain The Reader Till The Very Last Page.

10 thoughts on “Two Runs of Stone: a Beckoning Call

  1. Bob Weenig says:

    What a terrific tale of love, courage and faith Steve has carefully woven for us Using rich threads from 19th century European history stitched together with events from journals and diaries of ancestors he has created a delightful story of romance, tragedy and triumph over adversity I m not an avid reader, probably reading about one book every year or two, but this historical novel has changed all that I was totally hooked by this book after reading the first few paragraphs So much so that after reading all three published Two Runs of Stone books, my wife contacted the author Steve Nielsen and requested the manuscript for his as yet unpublished fourth book Steve graciously granted our request by allowing us to read it My wife and I fought over who got to read it first, and now we are anxiously waiting for book number five because we just have to know what happens next.This book resonates greatly with me because in many ways it s the story of my own ancestors, even though mine first heard the restored gospel in Holland instead of Denmark It increases my gratitude admiration for the many sacrifices, travails and religious persecution these early converts endured This book is the first in the Two Runs of Stone series It follows the lives of a prosperous Danish family who own a very busy mill in a small village in Denmark I actually read the second book in the series Two Runs of Stone Windships America before I read this book Two Runs of Stone A Beckoning Call In my opinion each of the books can be read either sequentially or individually In other words, one does not have to read them in chronological order in order to understand and enjoy the wonderful journey the reader will find unfolding to view.I hope the Steve s other books are soon published and I m looking forward to very interesting events in the lives of these characters of whom we have fondly followed on this epic voyage.

  2. Charissa says:

    This story follows the Jensen family as Catherine hurries into an unhappy marriage with Elias, who becomes a thorn in her flesh, and follows life through the birth of her four sons, who she is devoted to Set in Denmark, there is a lot of history that I found fascinating A bitter rift is torn into the Jensen family which pulls them apart and tears at your heartstrings I d rate it higher except that the terrible formatting for eBook was too annoying to overlook i.e., no indentation or space between new paragraphs Wanting to know what happened to the characters in the end kept me going I was a little sad that one minor character I started to really like just dropped off in the middle and you never heard of her again I liked how this book ended, tying nicely into the title.

  3. Patti says:

    I very much enjoyed this book I loved the history of Denmark that was presented It helped to see reasons why so many Danes left and came to America When one visits present day Denmark it is difficult to see why anyone would want to leave except for the high taxes The story was very true to the Danish people It showed their courage, strength, restlessness, their love of drink, and even some harshness.

  4. Jessica says:

    I like that this is a different story, with plenty of history included in the story The historical aspects do make the book a little dry but I have plenty of questions that haven t been answered so I m looking forward to reading the other books in the series.

  5. Angie says:

    I totally enjoyed this book The story is fascinating and the characters so life like and lovable I can t imagine the research that went into the historical parts of the book Well done

  6. Linda Russ says:

    Good historical novel series, but will there be a fourth in the series I sure hope so, they left things hanging and I sure would like to know if they made it to the Salt Lake Valley.

  7. Randi says:

    This Author is my uncle and yes I love the books even if he hadn t written them