Horse in the Pigpen

About the Author: Linda Williams

Librarian note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Also published as Linda D Williams.Linda Williams is a writer in the fields of science and medicine She has worked as a technical writer and chief scientist at NASA and McDonnell Douglas, and currently works at Rice University She has served as a science speaker for a number of years Ms Williams is the autho

[[ Epub ]] ➟ Horse in the Pigpen Author Linda   Williams –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Horse in the Pigpen
  • Linda Williams
  • English
  • 05 October 2019
  • 9780060285470

Horse in the PigpenThe Horse Is In The Pigpen The Pigs Are In The Chicken Coop And You Ll Never Guess Where The Chickens Are Heeey, Ma Something Very Strange Is Happening On This Little Farm None Of The Animals Are Where They Belong The Only Person Who Can Sort It All Out Is Ma But Ma Is Terribly Busy What Will The Animals And One Puzzled Little Girl Do If Ma Never Has Time To Get Everything Back The Way It S Supposed To Be The Author Illustrator Team Who Created The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything Will Charm Readers With A Playful Text That Begs To Be Read Aloud And Delightfully Slapstick Illustrations Of One Discombobulated Farmyard.

10 thoughts on “Horse in the Pigpen

  1. Miss Sarah says:

    All the animals on the farm are doing the wrong things Can anyone listen to the little girla nd set the farm straight again Preshool and up for humor

  2. Madeline says:

    I love the illustrations in this book The little girl was extremely concerned as to the out of whack changes that were happening in the barn at her house Her mother seemed to busy when she called for her to help, as she was the one that could make everything straighten up to it s normal ways again Every time this little girl called to her mother, she had an excuse and told her to tell one of the farm animals, which led her to discover weird changes Until reaching the en...

  3. Tori Davenport says:

    This story is of a little girl who tells her mother that all of the animals are in the wrong places This would work really well for students who have a difficult time reading as the pictures explain what the text says It would also be useful in helping small children distinguish what types of an...

  4. Christina Bontrager says:

    This cumulative tale had great rhythm I loved the way that the words seem to flow This really shows readers how situations can build and the lesson that it is actually easier to solve problems if they are stop...

  5. Danielle Simmons says:

    This book has magnificent pictures that captivate the reader and go perfect with the story line Everything gets messed up for the child, as she try s to fix all the animals that have misplaced themselves around the farm In the end her Ma fixes everything and...

  6. Candice says:

    Rollicking rhymes and laugh out loud illustrations make this a ton of fun Heeey, Ma Horse is in the pigpen, rollin in the slop Tell it to the pigs, dear It s time for me to mop So begins the tale of a mixed up farmyard where none of the animals are where they are supposed to be Can Ma fix this

  7. Ubalstecha says:

    The boy loves this book, I am beginning to be tired of it, that s how much I have read it The main character if this book finds a horse in the pigpen This displaced pigs displace someone else and the wackyness ensues Cute, especially the final page when all the go back to their original spot.

  8. T Crockett says:

    The kiddos 4 2 laugh at the odd places the animals have chosen to be They ve enjoyed it each time we ve read it, though it s not one they remember to request I love the illustrations, especially the little homesteading details like the recently dyed yarn hanging out to dry.

  9. Nicole says:

    Kids, age 2 and 4, LOVED it and asked for it again and again.

  10. MaryJane says:

    Not a great read aloud for a large group Probably better for two people or reading to yourself, so you can peruse the pictures and enjoy the details