An Adventurous Lady (Zebra Regency Romance)

About the Author: Valerie King

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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • An Adventurous Lady (Zebra Regency Romance)
  • Valerie King
  • English
  • 07 March 2019
  • 9780821777046

An Adventurous Lady (Zebra Regency Romance)The Scourge Of His Neighbors, The Reclusive Earl Of Rotherstone Bargains Three Requests Of Lady Evelina In Exchange For The Right To Hunt For Treasure On His Vast Estate He Had Never Known A Woman Like Her Before Disappointed In Love, The Earl Of Rotherstone Had Given Up On Ever Finding A Woman Worthy Of His Title And Fortune But When The Unusual Lady Evelina Takes To Visiting His Estate In The Dark Hours Of The Night, His Interest Is Caught Discovering That She Wants To Hunt For Treasure On His Land, He Sets Her Down As Another Interfering, Untrustworthy Woman But Holding Her In His Arms, He Decides To Find Out What Lies Beneath Her Disapproving Demeanor But Will His Curiosity Prove The Undoing Of His Heart She Wanted To Believe He Had To Give Lady Evelina Wesley, The Daughter Of An Infamous Gamester, Cannot Trust The Earl Of Rotherstone Whose Reputation In London S East End Hells Is Worse Than Any Man She Knows When Her Uncle Leaves Her A Snug Property In Kent, Landing Her Next Door To Rotherstone S Famous Estate, Her Plans To Ignore Him Fall Apart When She Discovers An Ancient Map And The Possibility Of A Smuggler S Treasure Hidden Somewhere On His Land Her Determination To Find The Treasure Throws Her Not Just Into His Path, But Into His Arms As Well Yet How Can She Love A Gamester

10 thoughts on “An Adventurous Lady (Zebra Regency Romance)

  1. QNPoohBear says:

    Lady Evelina Wesley has finally achieved the independence she so longed for An uncle died and left her an estate and fortune She can now take care of her invalid mother and younger siblings without marrying a man cut from the same cloth as her wastrel brother While exploring the attics, Evie found a treasure map She intends to share the map with the community but can t help but try to figure it out on her own Her search takes her to the neighboring estate of Blacklands, home of the notoriously anti social Earl of Rotherstone When Rotherstone catches Evie on his land, he demands a kiss Evie is unprepared for the way his kisses make her feel but he is the most stubborn man she has ever met He refuses to be a part of the community In order for the neighbors to be allowed to hunt on his land, Lord Rotherstone demands something of value from Evie She isn t sure she can trust him On one hand, he s kind and considerate towards her family and is a good friend to the ostracized Sir Edgar On the other hand, Rotherstone teases her and torments her with his delicious kisses Gage, Lord Rotherstone is certain Lady Evelina is as selfish and demanding as every other woman he knows Such a woman broke his heart once and he s determined it shall never happen again However, it s too late and he s already lost his heart Can he trust this woman who has so captivated him I liked the basic idea of the plot The search for treasure kept me interested until the mystery was solved, but the romance didn t appeal to me I very much disliked the hero I don t understand misogynistic heroes who had their hearts broken ONCE and assume every single woman is like that He doesn t give people a chance He takes advantage of the heroine and yes, she consents to kisses but the first one was completely out of line He deserved a set down for that He s obviously a skilled seducer and he knows what he s doing and I found it unfair to Evie to take advantage of her like that She s obviously very innocent and experiencing a sensual awakening That doesn t mean Rotherstone is honorable He also is bent on revenge for something someone did to his father long ago He won t let it go and I felt that was not a good way to deal with the problem I did like Evie but felt that she accepted Rotherstone s kisses too easily Parts of the love story were good, when Rotherstone was behaving and interacting with her family They get to know each other better that way If I were a single lady of good fortune and an estate, I would not be in want of a husband The secondary characters are well drawn The relationship between Evie and her mother is interesting There s a secondary romance that seems a little unbelievable Evie s little brother William is cute without being obnoxious I like how the neighbors are all included in the story and each one is different I picked out one possible historical inaccuracy at the end I m not sure what the author had in mind there.

  2. Kathy * Bookworm Nation says:

    I liked that this one didn t have your typical London setting or the same plot that you see over and over with Regencies This one takes place in the country and involves a treasure map I would have liked if the tension was amped up a bit between them I guess would have liked it if they weren t on friendly terms so quickly It is nice that they become friends and care for each other, but its sometimes fun to read the friction when they are frenemies first Anyway, it was a cute read My attention started to wonder at times, but I liked it overall ContentRomance CleanLanguage MildViolence Mild

  3. Jane says:

    3.5 Stars, liked the unique plot and the various characters I wished the author would have made the book longer, enhanced various characters and lengthened the ending.Clean Regency romance 3.5 Stars

  4. Martha says:

    2 1 2 stars.