The Sherpa and Other Fictions

About the Author: Nila Gupta

Read ✓ The Sherpa and Other Fictions By Nila Gupta –
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • The Sherpa and Other Fictions
  • Nila Gupta
  • English
  • 21 October 2019
  • 9781894549707

The Sherpa and Other FictionsIn This Riveting New Collection, Author Nila Gupta Reveals Intersections Of Contemporary Canadian And Indian Cultures With Raw Authenticity A Young Canadian Travels To India To Explore Her Roots And Find The Woman Who Loved Her Like A Daughter A Doctor Struggles Against Military Corruption As He Investigates A Soldier S Suspicious Injuries In Kashmir A Gay Man Returns To The India Of His Childhood In Search Of Redemption For His Betrayal Of His First Love Readers Take A Rickety Tin Bus Up The Side Of A Mountain, Taste The Sweetness Of Ras Gullas, Experience The Tension Between A Young Canadian Raised Woman And Her Father And Sink To The Scented Jostle Of The Ladies Compartment On An Indian Train.The Characters In These Vivid Stories Are Dealing With Universal Struggles Who They Are, What They Can Become And How They Can Find Compassion Within Challenging Circumstances This Debut Collection Will Resonate With All Those Who Have Searched For Their Own Identity And Sought Understanding In A World Of Contradictions.

13 thoughts on “The Sherpa and Other Fictions

  1. Three O& says:

    In this riveting new collection, author Nila Gupta reveals intersections of contemporary Canadian and Indian cultures with raw authenticity A young Canadian travels to India to explore her roots and find the woman who loved her like a daughter a doctor struggles against military corruption as he investigates a soldier s suspicious injuries in Kashmir a gay man returns to the India of his childhood in search of redemption for his betrayal of his first love Readers take a rickety tin bus up the side of a mountain, taste the sweetness of ras gullas, experience the tension between a young Canadian raised woman and her father and sink to the scented jostle of the ladies compartment on an Indian train The characters in these vivid stories are dealing with universal struggles who they are, what they can become and how they can find compassion within challenging circumstances This debut collection will resonate with all those who have searched for their own identity and sought understanding in a world of contradictions.

  2. Neil Mudde says:

    What a wonderful book of short stories, Nila Gupta know what she is talking about, it has a delightful Canadian feel to it, and deals with her background having been born in Montreal and having lived in India, the book deals with customs of the old country which I always find fascinating, as it gives me a better insight in different cultures, which is good living in this great City of Toronto, with its many variants from every culture on earth, some stories are sad, some funny, its a super and rather easy read, some of the stories are connected indirectly,but the settings are different.This is my first book by Ms Gupta and I probably may not have discovered her writings if it had not been on the reading list of my book club, which is the Mature Gay Book club which holds it gathering every 4th Tuesday of the month at the 519 Community Centre.

  3. Alexis says:

    A first collection of short stories by an Indo Canadian Quebecois writer The stories are lushly and intricately written and contained poetic details than I ve read in a while The stories take place in India and Canada and contain a varied cast of characters, some of whom are linked to other stories.I m not sure why this book hasn t gotten the attention it deserves.