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  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • All-American Muslim Girl
  • Nadine Jolie Courtney
  • English
  • 08 September 2019

All-American Muslim Girl Allie Abraham Has It All Going For Her She S A Straight A Student, With Good Friends And A Close Knit Family, And She S Dating Cute, Popular, And Sweet Wells Henderson One Problem Wells S Father Is Jack Henderson, America S Most Famous Conservative Shock Jockand Allie Hasn T Told Wells That Her Family Is Muslim It S Not Like Allie S Religion Is A Secret, Exactly It S Just That Her Parents Don T Practice And Raised Her To Keep Her Islamic Heritage To Herself But As Allie Witnesses Ever Growing Islamophobia In Her Small Town And Across The Nation, She Begins To Embrace Her Faith Studying It, Practicing It, And Facing Hatred And Misunderstanding For It Who Is Allie, If She Sheds The Fa Ade Of The Perfect All American Girl What Does It Mean To Be A Good Muslim And Can A Muslim Girl In America Ever Truly Fit In ALL AMERICAN MUSLIM GIRL Is A Relevant, Relatable Story Of Being Caught Between Two Worlds, And The Struggles And Hard Won Joys Of Finding Your Place

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  1. Lola says:

    This book starts with a bang.It s a book that is impossible to ignore Once you start it, that s it It has you You won t be able to put it down, and honestly, you won t want to It is a real page turner and one of the most engaging YA stories about religion and race that I have ever read in my entire life I don t know what people are waiting for It should get at least a thousand requests on NetGalley and ten times as many pre orders Aside from being important, impactful and interesting, it s also very original The plotline focuses on Allie Abraham s growing connection to her religious and cultural heritage which is not always clear to her But she is trying her best to figure out who she is and what Islam means to her It s very much a character driven story At the same time, there is conflict Allie s boyfriend s father is a Muslim hater, and Allie isn t sure how to negotiate the tension that comes with having a boyfriend who seems to accept her but who wants to please his anti Muslim father Allie becomes strong She is strong in the beginning as well but for different reasons Becoming familiar with Islam and the Islamophobia in her city strengthens her as a young American Muslim girl and opens her eyes on the way people see her and the way she sees herself Embracing her religious and cultural heritage is not easy for her, but in life it s the challenges that make us grow as a human being, not the shortcuts or the pleasant roads Allie understands this well.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

  2. Ausma Khan says:

    I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this book and it is simply superb It follows the story and personal growth of Allie as she comes to terms with her Muslim identity and with how it differs from her parents journey I won t get into plot description in any detail, but will just say that the voice is perfect and stunningly authentic, and that Allie s courage and integrity is such a beautiful thing to witness in a young protagonist like this This book could also not be timely, as it confronts the reality of what it means to be a young Muslim woman struggling with religion, identity, belonging, falling in love, growing up, and confronting the expectations of family and community but never in a way that feels forced or inorganic Nadine Jolie Courtney is a wonderful writer Her lightness of touch and quiet honesty shine from every page There is such respect and kindness in this book, such deep empathy for a wide range of characters, and for the necessity to allow each one the space to make mistakes and grow What I especially loved about it is how well the author understands how deeply personal the political can be for vulnerable and marginalized communities, without ever losing sight of the fact that this is the story of a teenage girl I also love how the book very simply and forthrightly demystifies the religion of Islam and its practices, while emphasizing a common humanity, that should never need to be emphasizedbut that all too regrettably does, during our present times Yet for all the seriousness of the subject matter, there is love, and laughter, innocence and wonder shining from every page I learned a lot that I didn t know about the Syrian and Circassian communities through the family relationships that the author details No character is a stereotype, and one of the great joys of reading a book like this is that it confounds your expectations of nearly every character.The author does a wonderful job of representing the pluralism, dynamism, and feminism to be found within diverse American Muslim communities, and setting all of that against the larger backdrop of a shared society I fell in love with Allie and Wells, and Allie s family, and I loved that the author told a story wherein the protagonist discovers her own connection to a world, a language, and a history that she grows to love, despite the fact that her path is so different from that of her parents I think a lot of people across a wide range of communities will recognize themselves in this beautiful, uplifting story, and I highly recommend it It made me feel so much I hope it does the same for you.

  3. Maha says:


  4. May 舞 says:

    This is not a review I have not read this book and I don t intend to do that, like, ever This is just me trying to understand why and how people end up loving novels that celebrate Islam and probably tell a bunch of lies about it to make it seem progressive The message about Islamophobia and racism is great and I wholly support it but I don t see how devout Muslims can ever fit into Western Society, or into any society that treats peoples of other faiths, women, and minorities like human beings, without them giving up on several out dated tenets and practices I live in a third world country where the majority follows Islam, and it s not a good place to live in, precisely because religion is in control Perhaps this book modernizes Islam and makes it seem at least potentially compatible with values like freedom, embracing diversity, and not shoving your opinions down other people s throats through direct force or intimidation But it is crucial for readers, and everyone else, to know that Islam is not a progressive religion If a person decides to faithfully follow the Qura an and the Prophet s instructions, they better off be living in Saudia Arabia or Iran, because that s where they will fit Unlike many Christians, most Muslims still believe in the literal truth of the Qura an, and it s like following the Old Testament to the letter Women s bodies and sometimes their faces must be covered because apparently we need to protect our virtue and not seduce men There is an explicit mention of the fact that men occupy a higher place and their inheritance after their parents death is double that of women If a woman testifies in court, her testimony is worth half that of the man Other religions are false, and Muslims are better than everyone else because they are right Husbands order allow divorce while wives don t have a say in the matter unless they give up all their rights in the marital contract Abortion is haram Homosexuality is haram and is punishable by death Sex before marriage results in whipping or stoning I forgot which one Theft is punished by hand amputation Adoption is haram because people will get confused about who fathered which Evolution is fiction Science is subservient to religion And the list goes on Now, many Muslims who live in Western countries don t believe in this shit they are just normal people leading peaceful lives and not harming anyone, but that s because they cherry pick the parts that are compatible with their society and their humanitarian values and pretend that the rest is either metaphorical or misunderstood New interpretations that allow Muslims to bridge the gap between what they believe is right and what the Qura an says they should do are currently in fashion The Barbarism is slowly bleeding out at least outside the Middle East and leaving positive and inclusive attitudes with the exception of the Hijab thing, which is another rant that I can t go into without severely digressing from the point All in all, this is great news But I worry I worry that presenting this one attractive side of Islam will make people complacent because they either don t know or don t understand the depth of barbarism that can result from staunch believers getting the upper hand, especially when it comes to social equality In our constitution, for example, despite Egypt being a Muslim country, many of the unsavory punishments like whipping and amputation are no longer practiced because of the tacit understanding that they are inhumane however, when it comes to women s rights and LGBT rights, for example, suddenly the Qura an has to be followed It is used by straight, religious, misogynistic, racist, and homophobic men to oppress others, and those others take it because that s what their religion says and that s what they have come to believe Many women will tell you that they are wearing hijab because it s their choice, not because they were taught that their bodies are a source of shame that must be covered or that they were threatened they will be hanged by their hair in hell on Judgement day for refusing to obey They will fight for it And it s their right to wear whatever they want, but it subjects many young girls to the same indoctrination And non muslims leave them out of respect for their choices but children don t really get to choose whether to be brainwashed or not I still live in a predominantly muslim community where my entire family follows this faith, so I do understand what I m saying I m an ardent believer in social equality and I call myself an SJW Islamophobia and racism are never justified Period My point is, before celebrating a religion, you need to understand what exactly this religion advises, what most of its followers actually do in real life and in other countries, what they think and believe, and what their ideal society looks like Modern Muslims or as they are called here, cute muslims probably hold progressive values and do not wish to live in Saudia Arabia unless its current attempts to modernize succeed , but cute muslims are not the majority, and Islam is not a lovely religion unless you strip away half of it This has happened to many religions and hopefully it will happen to Islam too, but we are not there yet And that s what we all need to understand Accepting other people s right to practice whichever religion they believe in is not the same thing as actively celebrating that religion and presenting it as this cute version that everyone can t help but like I don t care what other people think, but as someone who has suffered, and still suffers, from entrenched misogyny and gross inequality advocated and protected by said religion, I cannot read this book I love books that celebrate diversity, especially among populations that have been systematically oppressed The difference in this case is that I don t find Muslims oppressed Maybe they are in the West , but here they are oppressors, and they are unapologetic about it because this is what their religion teaches them to do I do not appreciate Muslims living in the West and enjoying a great deal of personal freedom misrepresenting what goes on for the rest of us who are not as privileged It is way easier to think this religion is wonderful when you do not have to directly deal with it you can then cherry pick what sounds compassionate and humane and stick to it, but for the rest of us, that s not possible And I cannot wait to get out before I slowly suffocate to death.

  5. megs_bookrack says:

    I have had this book on my radar for a while and am beyond to be able to read it early.I am always happy to check out own voices contemporary stories and don t even get me started on this cover heart eyes Thank you so much to the publisher, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, for my ARC I am really excited to start this one and chat about it with other readers

  6. London Shah says:

    I just finished reading this story, and it is absolutely everything to me 3I love every, single bit of it Sweet and brave 16 yr old Muslim Allie s tale is an utterly fascinating one, and her sheer determination and integrity will absolutely win your hearts It s just the most perfect portrayal of identity and growing up Allie, a non practising Muslim girl, explores her identity and realises her growing desire to practice her faith, leaving readers feeling Allie s story is our story anyone who s ever grappled with their beliefs, their faith s place and reception in the world around us, the rules, laws, culture, and politics, all of it To that extent we re all Allie, always wondering, always questioning and discovering wanting and trying to practice with all our hearts who we are, what we believe It might not always go as smoothly as we d desire, yet still we persevere, forever carrying the faith in our hearts and minds and would never be without it Allie s persistence in seeking out and practicing what she truly believes in no matter the challenges she faces is beyond inspiring.Reading All AMERICAN MUSLIM GIRL has been an absolute joy It s truly fascinating for so many reasons I d never even heard of Circassian Muslims until reading this It s endlessly interesting It s also timely and a great reminder of how every group of people is made up of thinking, feeling individual human beings.An incredibly skilful novel, executed so considerately and honestly with the authenticity only an author who shares the identity of the main character could ever weave In fact, this story tackles so many anti Muslim biases and stereotypes that it should be required reading in schools Ack, I m in awe A truly poignant tale of self discovery and finding your place Such an important, moving, and beautifully inspiring tale and exactly what we need right now 3

  7. Dahlia says:

    I tremendously appreciated this book as a member of a marginalized religion where scholarship of its laws is continuously and regularly debated It was so nuanced and thoughtful and interesting , and it really was wild how familiar it felt even though so much of the actual information was new to me This would be great to check out for anyone who s interested in Islam or religion in general and or a look at the other side of passing.

  8. ikram says:

    Read full review on my blog here e ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for a honest review. TRIGGER WARNING Islamophobic Hate crimes speeches Racism Mentions of terrorism Mentions of violence gunshot Have you ever felt embarrassed because of a book Not in a negative way, I mean, you re embarrassed because the main character is everything you wish yourself to be That s what I felt with All American Muslim Girl.Growing up as Muslim, I understand how it feels to be one and I was shocked how relatable this book is Even though I live in a country where the majority of people is Muslim, I still have my own struggles to begin with I can relate with Allie, a lot of time From living in a non religious household, wishing someone can teach you about Islam and Arabic language, to feeling like you re not Muslim enough because well, you re not religious.When reading this, I cried few times Yes, it s relatable Yes, it s like a mirror of my current live Yes, it s a good representation of Islam There are many books which main characters are Muslim, but there are like few books where the characters really practicing their religions Allie reads Qur an, prays, fasting in Ramadhan even she installed an application many Muslims I know have on their phone.This book is about how Islam actually is I don t want to sound over proud but there are few scenes where Nadine Jolie Courtney explained about Islam in her narration the prayer, al Fatihah or the first chapter in Qur an, zakat, five pillars of Islam almost everything I know as a Muslim, it s there.What makes me embarrassed is, I want to be Allie All American Muslim Girl is like a slap on the face because I m still not a religious person and often found myself disagree with my fellow Muslims point of view this book is like calling me back home to the path I ve long abandoned I m embarrassed because Allie is willing to learn, even though she lives in a country where Muslim is a minority Meanwhile I can easily go to mosque and have a Qur an study group, but instead I didn t I want to be like Allie, I want to re learn about Islam I m embarrassed because it took me a YA novel to realize it.Truthfully, I was skeptical when I first reading the fist few pages, because Allie s love interest is a white man I ve seen many Muslim reps that include a white man saved a Muslim girl from her oppressive religion I ve had enough and am sick with this stereotype, so when this include a white man I was really skeptical.Turned out, this is a really heartwarming book Honestly, I feel like this is author s personal experience and opinion about Islam I love Nadine for breaking the stereotype Muslim where they don t date and are all saints 24 7.My rating 4.5 5 starsFavorite shelf YESWill I recommend it to you Absolutely This is such a nice book if you want to learn about Islam and OUR practice blog tumblr twitter

  9. Kelly says:

    An excellent read about a muslim girl coming to understand her faith and how to speak up and out about it She s white she s Muslim via the Caucus region and the book dismantles white privilege and how it is so easily tied into religion A sweet and complicated romance to boot.

  10. Sammira (blissfulreveries) says:

    All I can really say at the moment is that I am so so grateful and thankful that this book exists and is coming out into the world soon This book was all about validation and acceptance, like a friend pulling you in for a warm hug saying that everything s going to be okay You re okay and you re valid just the way you are Thank you so much to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to review this book in exchange for my thoughts Full review to come