The 942 Series - Science Fiction Short Story Collection 1

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I m green eyed, ginger haired, caffeine addict who is currently working on The Korpes File Series The plan is to publish, then adapt the series into graphic novels Book one, The Korpes File was published in March of 2017, and book two, The Korpes Agenda, was published in March 2019 Book three of the series is in the works right now.When not acting as a conduit for the voices in my head, I m a p

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  • Paperback
  • 62 pages
  • The 942 Series - Science Fiction Short Story Collection 1
  • J.I. Rogers
  • English
  • 07 October 2019
  • 9781775324942

The 942 Series - Science Fiction Short Story Collection 1 This Edition Is No Longer Available Thank You To Everyone Who Took The Time To Review It I May Make Copies Of The Stories Available Again At Some Point In The Future.Award Winning, Science Fiction Author J I Rogers Brings You Three Short Stories Set At Different Moments In Tamyrh S Recent History Each With Far Reaching Effects For The 942 Series Now Known As The Korpes File Series Protocol 9 Ride Along On A Desperate Mission In The Primal, Toxic Jungle Called The Seep.Forget Me Not Join The Crowd At A Par Society Rally And Participate In A Historic Moment In Korlune S History Of Racial Segregation Bride Price Witness What Two Families From Different Social Classes Will Do To Ensure Their Empires Survive, As Circumstances And Fate Force Them Together.For Those That Are New To My Work, I Write Character Driven Science Fiction With A Dystopian Edge Protocol 9, Forget Me Not, And Bride Price Are Reprints Of Short Stories That Appeared In Issues 1, 3, And 4, Volume 1 Of Tamyrh Quarterly.

8 thoughts on “The 942 Series - Science Fiction Short Story Collection 1

  1. D.L. Andersen says:

    J.I Rogers has woven together a trilogy of stories set in a future universe that uncannily mirrors our own world While on the surface these short fiction pieces are typical science fiction dystopian, in many ways they also could be seen as cautionary tales or parables of how history truly does repeat itself Fashion and cultures come and go, and governments may change, but underneath it all we are the same human creatures with common struggles, needs, ambitions and, yes, deeply seated flaws If there is any connecting thread between these three unrelated short though seemingly straightforward stories, it is that Whether this was intentional crafting on the author s part or merely a subconscious chance pairing, the result is near brilliant storytelling nonetheless Apart from that, these all are rather simple in structure, short on plot devices, parse on setting detail and character arc while at the same time, abundant in name dropping of titles, rank and unexplained technology and devices A thorough grounding in the futuristic culture would have been helpful and these very short tales could readily be expanded to bring of the puzzle pieces together to engage the reader even Story 1 Protocol 9 Set in the futuristic y...

  2. Sherry Terry says:

    Sherry Terry s Review 4.2 StarsThe 942 Series by J.I Rogers is a good read overall I ve never seen a cover like this, and I think it works well for the short stories I think they are written well with some good strong sentence structures.I was a little confused and a bit lost with the first story, Protocol 9 There were a lot of characters, and I had a hard time keeping up with all of them I m pretty sure it was written in Omni, and the hopping around from one character s internal thoughts to another was a little difficult I felt that the action of some the search and rescue team getting killed could have been shown I had a hard time figuring all of that out because it was told from the past.But overall, Protocol 9 was a good read I thought the setting was cool and the author did a good job of putting me in the story even though I felt kind of lost This is worth a read.The second story, Forget Me Not was better A sad little story that brought out my emotions I thought the characters were well rounded in this story A young girl, Isolde runs away from home to attend a speech with the intentions of never going home again What she didn t expect was the suppression guards showing up and shooting into t...

  3. Tinker Books says:

    See reviews at 942SeriesThe 942 series is a Collection of three short stories by J.I Rogers that first appeared in her newsletter ezine the Tamyrh Quarterly.All three stories are very well written, with characters that seem to come alive for the reader to such an extent you may mourn the ones that don t survive The world building seems a bit lacking as I got no clear picture of the locale in general just a general idea of the locations in which each story takes place Nor did I get a clear idea of the societal structure.The stories don t really connect to each other in any way other than they take place in the same world at different times, with different characters.Protocol 9I found it a bit tricky keeping track of who is who as the characters are referred to sometimes by rank,first name or last name, and it seems very seldom by full name rank and position, so I advise reading the character index near the end of the book for clarity.Team 7 led by Captain Jason Trati is called on to investigate the condition of the research station, Vorta which has failed to report it s regular check ins for than 24 hours In a harsh world where if the environment doesn t kill you the locals will do their best to do so, the search and rescue team arrive aboard the...

  4. Melissa says:

    The 942 Series Science Fiction Short Story Collection has 3 stories set in the same world as Rogers s The Korpes File Protocol 9 , Forget Me Not , and Bride Price All, except Forget Me Not , take place prior to the events of Book 1 They can technically be read as stand alone stories, though having read The Korpes File, I was able to recognize quite a few characters in these stories I felt they really added a nice background to events that happen in it.Of the three, Bride Price was my favorite because I really got to learn about some of the major players in the 942 series The political intrigue and emotional intensity kept me turning pages Forget me not was sad, but sweet And Protocol 9 was sad, but I liked how it offered insight on the trials and travails of the teams working aro...