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About the Author: Hannah Bronfman

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Do What Feels Good book, this is one of the most wanted Hannah Bronfman author readers around the world.

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  • ebook
  • 336 pages
  • Do What Feels Good
  • Hannah Bronfman
  • 15 April 2018
  • 9780062790965

Do What Feels Good Hannah Bronfman Is Challenging Us All To Rethink Our Default Standards Of Beauty And Definitions Of Healthy And I, For One, Couldn T Be Happier To Hear This From Another Woman Of Color In The Wellness Community Do What Feels Good Is A Practical, Inspirational, And Beautiful Guidebook To Feeling Good In Your Own Skin Gabrielle Union, Actress And Bestselling Author Of We Re Going To Need More WineAs A Food Lover, Beauty Product Addict, Exercise Junkie, And Wellness Entrepreneur, Hannah Bronfman Practically Radiates Confidence And Health But She Ll Be The First One To Admit That The Road To Wellness And Self Acceptance Hasn T Been Easy As A Woman Of Color Who Grew Up Watching A Close Family Member Struggle With An Eating Disorder, Hannah S Had To Forge Her Own Path And Create Her Own Standards Of Beauty And What She S Learned Is This Healthy Is Beautiful And Healthy Should Feel Good.In Do What Feels Good, Hannah Offers Real Talk About Getting In Touch With Your Body S Needs, Baring Her Soul And Sharing Her Story Along The Way Hannah Provides Insight On Everything From Gut Health To Nutrition To Fitness To Skincare, Sharing Insight From Top Experts On How To Understand Your Body S Unique Chemistry So That You Can Fuel It With Of The Things That Feel Good And Less Of The Things That Don T.And Since Delicious Food Is One Of The Things That Makes Everyone Feel Good, Hannah Shares Than 50 Of Her Favorite Recipes For Healthy Hedonism Desserts And Cocktails Included Enlightening, Empowering, And Educational, This Is An Approach To Wellness That Is Holistic, Hedonistic, And Real Because Self Care Should Not Feel Self Punishing, And Every Body Deserves To Feel Good.

10 thoughts on “Do What Feels Good

  1. Jennifer says:

    For centuries women have been subjected to so many expectations about how we should look and act and speak, and I say screw that The only person who gets to set expectations for me is ME The only person who gets to set the bar for you is YOU We want to break societal norms as twenty first century women, and that starts with knowing who we are, what we deserve, and how to take care of ourselves and one another with love, compassion, and honor If you want to be a superhero, you need to identify your superpower You need to give your attention to the things that make you feel incandescent In Do What Feels Good Recipes, Remedies, and Routines to Treat Your Body Right, Hannah Bronfman embraces these statements by sharing all the information she has learned on her own health and wellness journey in hopes that it may support others on theirs Bronfman stresses that Do What Feels Good is a resource for self care and not a one size fits all instruction manual It is filled with the information that supports her own daily health routine, along with a wealth of holistic education she has been taught that has helped her mind and...

  2. Morgan says:

    Do what Feels Good is one part self help healthy tips and 2 parts cookbook face mask recipes On the whole the intention of this book I think is good, Hannah Bronfman explains her journey from unhealthy nighttime dj eating whatever whenever and never exercising, to daytime even DJ and wellness guru I think a lot of people can relate to letting their health take a back seat to keeping up with work and life What Hannah and a lot of other s deep in wellness fail to recognize about their methods of getting healthy is that is ridiculously expensive and access plays a big part in this even being possible Hannah talks about her holistic doctor, holistic skin care specialists, her regular colonics, and organic vegetables no meat no sugar diet All of that is fantastic and if you live somewhere you have access to those things and can afford it then that is fantastic for you But selling these kind of cures is a bit irresponsible in my view considering that kind of care can be outrageously expensive and not available in a lot of places Without acknowledging t...

  3. Yoonmee says:

    I became interested in Hannah Bronfman a while ago because she s a black fitness and health influencer Let s face it, most of the fitness health gurus I see are white, so it s refreshing to find a person of color I really like that Bronfman talks about being black, hair, body image, and champions other black professionals in the wellness field That said, this book is pretty bland and vanilla Bronfman is basically a socialite, so keep that in mind It s a general health fitness book that mostly consists of pretty bland stories about Bronfman, lots of unnecessary pictures of Bronfman, and some very vanilla heard it all before fitness and health advice Eat clean, get enough sleep, have a morning routine, blah blah blah Most of the book consists of recipes, one of which I tried and it was just alright the seasoned salmon one If you like Bronfman, you d be better off following her on Instagram and subscribing to her newsletter If y...

  4. Jennifer says:

    I picked this up because I m trying to be diverse in my reading selection, focusing on writers of color This was on a curated list of new books that are worth reading by black women sadly, I can t remember which one I would quibble with this inclusion.Hannah Bronfman writes a straightforward book steeped in the culture of body positivity, self love, and Instagram fitspo And well, it was pretty saccharine Hannah seems to live a charmed life as a trust fund baby and entrepreneur Even though not all of her ventures are successful, the occasional family name dropping let the reader know that she has some serious moolah and the privilege that goes along with that I would go broke trying to incorporate all of her suggestions into my life The essential oils chapter alone would have cost a pretty penny Bronfman did not narrate, which I think was a shame I also didn t learn too much new in terms ...

  5. Cassandra Kocek says:

    There are some recipes in here that really great, simple, delicious, and healthy at the same time But there are also a lot that call for all sorts of expensive, hard to find powders and herbs Overall, Hannah shares a great story about her journey to a healthy, balanced life.

  6. Monique says:

    Unique outlook on all things wellnessHonest truths about wellness from a person who I closely identify with and believe her journey The tips seem easy to follow.

  7. Kasey Cooper says:

    I love this book I appreciate the emphasis on feeling good from the inside out There are so many recipes given that I ll be eating something different every week.

  8. Emma Gillett says:

    Overall really enjoyed and learned quite a bit Just felt like there was a lot of unnecessary pictures where content could be

  9. Jozi Treutmann says:

    I loved everything single thing about this book The tips, the recipes and the eye openers