The Complete Brambly Hedge

About the Author: Jill Barklem

Jill Barklem 1951 November 15, 2017 was a British writer and illustrator of children s books Her most famous work is the Brambly Hedge series.After an accident when she was thirteen, Jill was unable to take part in PE or games at school and instead developed her talent for drawing and art On leaving school, she studied illustration at St Martin s in London Jill is now a full time illustrator,

Epub ➞ The Complete Brambly Hedge Author Jill Barklem –
  • Hardcover
  • 248 pages
  • The Complete Brambly Hedge
  • Jill Barklem
  • 19 November 2019
  • 9780008282820

The Complete Brambly HedgeCelebrate The World Of Brambly Hedge With This Exquisite Slipcased Volume Containing All Eight Well Loved, Classic Picture Books Plus A Special Introduction From The Author.The Mice Of Brambly Hedge Made Their First Appearance In 1980 When The Four Seasonal Stories Were Published Ever Since, Readers Have Loved Exploring The Miniature World Of The Hedgerow And Meeting The Families That Live There.In This Collection The Mice Have Many Adventures, But They Always Have Time For Fun And Relaxation Too Whatever The Season, And Whether They Are By The Sea, In The High Hills, Or Simply At Home By The Fire, There Is Always Someone Ready To Lend A Helping Hand.Contains 8 Complete Stories Spring Story, Summer Story, Autumn Story, Winter Story, Poppy S Babies, Sea Story, The High Hills, The Secret Staircase

10 thoughts on “The Complete Brambly Hedge

  1. Bonnie says:

    Interested in of my reviews Visit my blog Okay folks, it s story time When I was a kid I used to live in Northern California in this super small town where there really wasn t much to do besides go to the movies and go to the library or in the summer there was the swimming pool With these options available to me I guess I m not really surprised that I have an extreme love for books now Our library was pretty small but they had quite a large children s section where looking back, I think I spent half my life there it seems I remember whenever we would go to the library I d plop down on the floor just to look at these books since I had already read them dozens of times but I positively adored the pictures and they fascinated me at that age Over time I ended up forgetting all about these books until just a few weeks ago I m not sure what triggered it but I had this vivid memory of me at my old library reading these books It bugged me for WEEKS because I could not remember what they were called or who the author was so I could look at them once again I ended up on this random classic book blog searching through about 2,000 items thinking that if I just saw the cover I would remember And sure enough, I found them on this website I found the complete collection of these books on the Book Depository and knew I had to own it As quoted by the author Brambly Hedge is my ideal world The way the mice live is completely natural, which is how I think life ought to be They appreciate and use everything that grows around them Theirs is a loving and caring society, but the mice are not just series and worth They have FUN Life is a series of picnics and gatherings, parties and outings Okay, so this really isn t a review but I felt the need to relay the huge impact that these books had on my childhood They re the most darling stories and even precious illustrations My favorite illustrations were of their homes they were extremely detailed and just looked like a fun place to be.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Omg nauseatingly cute When I was a child I would have liked not loved the pictures of the interiors, and the words of the rituals wedding, infant naming day are pretty nice, but the stories are lame and the costumes are twee My opinion.

  3. Chrystal says:

    These are the sweetest little stories and the artwork is just delightful I wanted to make sure and add it here so I didn t forget how much I loved them.

  4. Eliza says:

    My mum read me about two or three of the eight stories in this book in Dutch when I was a little girl I loved them The idea of mice having their own anthropomorphic world, the mice kids discovering hidden staircases, etc was just amazing The watercolour illustrations are up to the level of Beatrix Potter, extremely detailed, and as a kid, I remember trying to discover every teeny tiny detail in every picture It was really nice to read the stories again in their own language Moreover, all the extra stories were so enjoyable too It is all just so well thought out, for example, the idea that for salt they go to the sea mice Really enjoyable to read one of these stories a day

  5. Kathryn says:

    One of my favorite little series.

  6. Katarzyna F says:

    I m very happy that I bought this version of the book it s beautifully illustrated, beautifully written and it was a pure pleasure for me to read it I will recommend it to all parents I know and if I ever have children they will know this stories for sure

  7. Staci Elizondo says:

    What a sweet book I read this with my three kids 6, 4, and 2 , and we all loved it They would ask Do we have time for Brambly Hedge every morning since we would read it before we took my oldest to school The stories are filled with beautiful language and illustrations This might be one we buy for our family library.

  8. Shala Howell says:

    I learned about these books through Snapdragons, a blog about the domestic adventures of a new mom The author of the blog had grown up reading these stories and was very excited about the prospect of sharing them with her own child I d never heard of them, but as I m always on the look out for new books to read with The Four Year Old, I spent a week or two hunting them down.Sadly, the books appear to be a UK phenomenon, which means it s hard to find copies of them in the U.S When I consulted my librarian, she found a spin off by Alan MacDonald called Wilfred to the Rescue While the story was cute and the illustrations engaging, it was hard to see from this book exactly why Snapdragons would write about the Brambly Hedge mice with such passionate devotion I should probably mention here that The Four Year Old adored Wilfred to the Rescue I liked it myself I just didn t find it exceptional I finally found a reasonably priced used copy of the Complete Brambly Hedge through The collection contains all eight original Brambly Hedge stories, including Spring Story, Summer Story, Autumn Story, Winter Story, Poppy s Babies, Sea Story, The High Hills, and my daughter s favorite, The Secret Staircase.Once I opened an original, I understood Snapdragons devotion in about two seconds For the stories themselves, think Beatrix Potter s Peter Rabbit stories with mice and without the sometimes surprising lapses into violence that forcibly remind you that Potter wrote in a different cultural context In Potter s world, Mr MacGregor has a distressing habit of stalking through the pages taking potshots at the cast with his shotgun That sort of thing doesn t happen in the Brambly Hedge.The stories are charming, but it s the illustrations with their incredibly rich detail that won my heart Small wonder each drawing took Jill Barklem three months to complete Each book in the series is the product of two years effort My favorites are the ones that dissect the trees where the mice make their homes I could spend hours staring at all the little rooms the mice have carved out of the tree, complete with tiny furnishings, winding staircases, and halls The Four Year Old, on the other hand, would prefer to spend those hours staring at the illustration of the room at the top of the Secret Staircase, with its spider webs, columns, detailed tapestries, mice statues, and especially the little suit of mouse armor standing guard on the side.Although the gallery of illustrations from the Brambly Hedge site does not include a dissected tree or the secret room, they do provide a fairly good idea of the quality of the illustrations in this book.The Brambly Hedge books are in the process of being re released in the UK The Complete Brambly Hedge collection was released just this past October, and according to the Brambly Hedge Facebook page, the individual hardcover books will soon follow Unfortunately, although Brambly Hedge assures me they do plan to release the books in the United States, they haven t set a date for it yet Review originally published on my blog

  9. Ruby says:

    There is a wonderful community of mice that live in a hedgerow called Brambly Hedge Here life is peaceful and busy They spend the spring and summer months collecting nuts, berries, and various fruits and flora for deliciously homemade jams and baked goods Everything is kept in the Store Stump, an enormous tree stump that has many rooms for everything a mouse might need.A love of cooking goes hand in hand with the many fun feasts, picnics, and festivals that go on in Brambly Hedge From birthday picnics to Naming Ceremonies to weddings, the mice of Brambly Hedge eagerly await any opportunity to celebrate.I read this series back when I was growing up and what I love the most about the stories are the intricate illustrations in each story The beautifully rendered cross sections of the houses where the mice live are the perfect place to live I want to live there I consider this collection of stories to be classics that every child should read However, from what I have found out, they are currently out of print Even though they may be hard to find, try your local library All AgesPublisher Atheneum Books for Young Readers

  10. Sarah says:

    I found out about this series from The Queen s English on Facebook They are such sweet stories I would have loved these when I was little, heck I am an adult and love it Secret animal world, pretty art, British, totally up my alley I have recommended it to a friend with young children I am going to suggest it for my niece as well.