Panic Attack

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Robby Soave is an associate editor at Reason magazine He enjoys writing about culture, politics, education policy, criminal justice reform, television, and video games His work has also appeared in The New York Times, The Daily Beast, U.S News World Report, The Orange County Register, and The Detroit News In 2016, Forbes named him to the 30 Under 30 list in the category of law and poli

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  • Hardcover
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  • Panic Attack
  • Robby Soave
  • 06 July 2017
  • 9781250169884

Panic Attack Since The 2016 Election, College Campuses Have Erupted In Violent Protests, Demands For Safe Spaces, And The Silencing Of Views That Activist Groups Find Disagreeable Who Are The Leaders Behind These Protests, And What Do They Want In Panic Attack, Libertarian Journalist Robby Soave Answers These Questions By Profiling Young Radicals From Across The Political Spectrum.Millennial Activism Has Risen To New Heights In The Age Of Trump Although Soave May Not Personally Agree With Their Motivations And Goals, He Takes Their Ideas Seriously, Approaching His Interviews With A Mixture Of Respect And Healthy Skepticism The Result Is A Faithful Cross Section Of Today S Radical Youth, Which Will Appeal To Libertarians, Conservatives, Centrist Liberals, And Anyone Who Is Alarmed By The Trampling Of Free Speech And Due Process In The Name Of Social Justice.

10 thoughts on “Panic Attack

  1. Carrie (The Butterfly Reader) says:

    I received this for free in exchange for an honest review I don t think this was quite the right book for me, not because it s a bad book but because I already knew everything the author was talking about I ve been following all the radical news since it started to effect the book community So I know just how passionate these kind of people are Now, I will say that it also talks about the alt alright and discusses them as well What I loved was how he showed the older generations and how they went after things and how my generation does it today That was awesome While I don t agree with everything the author says, it was pretty nifty seeing some of this stuff through another s eyes As long as those are eyes are still reasonable and not so far gone down the rabbit hole on either side I think of safety as the right of every person to leave their house or to leave wherever they live, to...

  2. Chris Lira says:

    I have read a number of social commentary books like this The Coddling of the American Mind, Campus Rape Frenzy, Unjustified, etc and this one is a real standout First off, the author is a libertarian, so he is often at odds with the conservative positions taken in those books He also discusses excesses of the right as well as the left something those books don t do at all, or skim over The result is a very balanced perspective.There are a few points he made that I found particularly interesting 1 I had no idea UC Berkeley was a stronghold of free speech and open discourse back in the 60 s, The author contrasts that with what it is now quite the opposite.2 The author s point about the genesis of young people s need for safe spaces and protection from harmful thoughts may be at least partially due if not to their parents, and the media, and it is not something they developed on their own The practices of parents that overshield their children with their perception that a child kidnapper lurks around every corner, and now with school shootings The author uses statistics ...

  3. Janet says:

    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher, as I do not regurgitate the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it The only great thing about chicken pox at age 52 and being a super speed reader is you can easily read and review four books a day..and this was an excellent book to have spent an hour or two or many on your side with Since the 2016 election, college campuses have erupted in violent protests, demands for safe spaces, and the silencing of views that activist groups find disagreeable Who are the leaders behind these protests, and what do they want In Panic Attack, libertarian journalist Robby Soave answers these questions by profiling young radicals from across the political spectrum.Millennial activism has risen to new heights in the age of Trump Although Soave may not personally agree with their motivations and goals, he takes their ideas seriously, approaching his interviews with a mixture of respect and healthy scepticism The result is a faithful cross section of today s radical youth, which will appe...

  4. Jennifer says:

    This book was well researched and well written I was not sure what to think prior to reading it as the topic of politics and Trump is so polarizing nowadays its hard to be rational and logical Soave looks at how millennials are protesting and how it differs compares with previous generations I love how this book didn t focus on just one end of the political spectrum The most important aspect of this book was how it highlighted how these protests across universities are a means to stifle differing opinions and free speech This topic is one that should be important ...

  5. Scott Larson says:

    Inaccurate, poorly researched, assumes facts not in evidence.This book is a collection of assumptions that many millennials tout as fact that in reality are not Honest research should lead the author to recognize that basic premise...

  6. Eric says:

    Great book, especially if you aren t a regular Reason reader A lot of the stories will be familiar to Reason readers however Soave does a great job tying things together into a cohesive and intelligent narrative The book is even handed in it s tre...

  7. Emily says:

    Very thoughtful and well researched Soave isn t mean spirited about his interviewees but makes common sense arguements against their methods.

  8. Cristie Underwood says:

    The author s painstaking research and attention to detail is obvious in the writing of this book The author laid out the information in a manner that allowed the reader to form their own opinion.

  9. Bobbie says:

    Interesting perspective from a leftyregarding snowflakism