Making Friends with Alice Dyson

About the Author: Poppy Nwosu

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  • Paperback
  • 276 pages
  • Making Friends with Alice Dyson
  • Poppy Nwosu
  • English
  • 21 January 2019
  • 9781743056127

Making Friends with Alice Dyson My Hand, Which Is Following A Stray Pencil Rolling Across The Floor, Stops Dead Right In Front Of Two Ratty Green Sneakers My Gaze Follows The Shoes Up Over Long Legs To A Towering FigureI Stand AbruptlyTall, Black Eyes, Messy Hair, A Permanent Scowl On A Permanently Angry Face Our School S Delinquent, A Waster, The Kind Of Boy Who Always Sits At The Back Of Class The Kind Of Boy Even Popular People Like Sophia Are Afraid OfTeddy TaualaiAlice Dyson Knows Exactly How She Ll Be Spending Her Final Year Of High School With Her Head Down, Quietly Concentrating On Her Textbooks And Homework She S Focused On The Future, And Nothing And No One Is Going To Get In Her Way Until A Bizarre Encounter With The School S Most Notorious Troublemaker Derails All Her Plans, Turning Alice Into The Unwilling Centre Of Attention And Her Life Into One Enormous ComplicationAnd Even Worse Now Teddy Taualai Won T Leave Her AloneA Story About Rumours, Friendship, And Discovering Who You Really Are

10 thoughts on “Making Friends with Alice Dyson

  1. C.G. Drews says:

    This was so soft and adorable, the kind of contemporary that tugs at your heart It captured what it is to be shy so well and w o w if this book isn t relatable to those of us who work extra hard especially in highschool to cover up the fact that making friends is hard Super hard Alice is like an Australian Hermione or Amy from Brooklyn Nine Nine and I adored her instantly She s so torn between keeping to herself vs giving a kind word to anyone who needs it THE PUREST CHILD.And let s talk about Teddy Taualai for a second aka our mischievous, troublesome, softie He will make and break your heart ok His and Alice s friendship started off from a totally unprecedented and spontaneous little dance off on the street It took like a minute and Alice the serious always studying quiet workaolic brushed it off But it got caught on camera and went a little viral and now Teddy is insisting on being FRIENDS.Look I love friendship stories Especially ones between the shy squish and the flirt Dude, Teddy is such a flirt And both Teddy and Alice have complicated family problems and they re drifting towards the end of highschool without quite knowing how they re going to stand up on their own They go from bickering to stealing soft glances at each other and I AM HERE FOR THIS There s also an epic girl friendship storyline for Alice and her childhood bestie and it isn t smooth, instead so realistic and I love how it was written.The ending had my heart in my mouth though ALICEEEEEE But it turned out into everything I wanted it to be.This is the sweetest story of cautious offers of friendship, little acts of kindness, and vulnerable people opening up to those who love them It has so much heart Am here for this kind of quality LoveOzYA contemporary

  2. ALPHAreader says:

    Was asked to provide an endorsement quote for this book, because it was 1000% up my alley as a smart steely Aussie YA romance So this was my full quote about the book that I absolutely ADORED Don t judge a book by its cover, and don t listen to the rumours about Teddy Taualai Making Friends with Alice Dyson is a sweet contemporary romance about growing up, growing apart, and getting to know someone before it s too late A tender and true debut about the power of friendship and the trust it takes to really let someone see the real you What an outstandingly lovely tale with solid heart intimate and enchanting.

  3. K. says:

    Trigger warnings controlling parents, view spoiler death of a parent in the past hide spoiler

  4. Lainy122 says:

    I m going to be honest, I tend to stay away from contemporary YA if it s a high school setting they tend to be a bit same y, with the extreme drama and best friend backstabbing and the popularity game with high emotions and that whole scene is just not my jam.So imagine my surprise when I loved THE HELL out of this book There were some of the elements I mentioned, but through the lens of a character who not only doesn t care about high school politics but actually doesn t even notice them half the time I found that they were not just bearable but actually enjoyable It was like someone filming a kitten while ninjas are battling in the far background, but the camera only stays focused on the cat Much fun if you enjoy cats over ninjas view spoiler I did care about what happened to May, but only so far as Alice herself did the distance from the situation made me interested in the fallout and its impact on the main character rather than rolling my eyes at the inevitable collapse of her popularity scheming.It was also refreshing having characters voice my own usual complaints about the same things why do you care if you re popular why do you want to go out with a boy who is already dating someone horrible hide spoiler

  5. Emily says:

    RATING 3.5 5 starsI am so proud of Poppy for the release of her debut novel I enjoyed reading this and liked how Alice Dyson was relatable in the way that she was happy not being popular I did feel that a few of the chapters could have been incorporated better into the story Overall it was a really cute read

  6. Laura says:

    Actual rating 4.5 High school me relates so much to Alice Dyson the bookishness, the whispering and gossip behind my back, even the smell of salt in the school hallways This book was a wonderful coming of age story that I felt was entirely realistic The writing was so satisfying and the characters were full of so much depth A very enjoyable and heartfelt read.

  7. Jessica Gilham says:

    4.5 StarsY all, this was such a fun time As you probably know by now, I love me a good Australian contemporary and this was SO GOOD The exploration of all the friendships in this book was EVERYTHING, and Teddy made me swoon so badly Poppy Nwosu big fan

  8. Brooklyn Tayla says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Poppy at her book launch for her debut, Making Friends With Alice Dyson, and it honestly made me all the curious to read it, excited having heard Poppy speak with such love and adoration about her characters I could not fault this, it was such a gorgeous mix of heartache and heartwarming I loved everything about it, especially both where Alice and Teddy are concerned I loved all their scenes together and going through Alice s thoughts as she allowed her mind and soul to think about Teddy, the apparent bad boy where rumours were spread aplenty about his violent behaviour.This book also reminds me not to put stock in rumours Like, I was initially sceptical of Teddy and I really shouldn t have been, he was such a tender sweetheart really I love how devoted he appeared towards Alice, I found their friendship really endearing Speaking of friendship, I loved the angst between Alice and her best friend May, a friendship that has spanned so long should not be fractured, but Poppy just captures how people grow apart and then come back together stronger than ever A local setting too Set in Adelaide, I always love reading books set in my home city, and there was a scene where Alice s class excursions to the Art Gallery of SA, a place I love Everyone needs to check out this stunning LOVEOZYA debut

  9. Claire says:

    Making Friends with Alice Dyson is a cute contemporary romance with great characters It s also about friendship, spreading rumours, first love and questioning what you really want I loved this debut novel by Poppy Nwosu I really liked the friendship between Alice and Teddy, which starts after a small incident causes rumours to be spread about them I liked how Alice was unsure at first because of the other rumours about him and the fact that Teddy was distracting her from studying Once she got to know him , I liked how slowly it took for their friendship to blossom into a romantic relationship I also liked Teddy the misunderstood boy who looked frightening but had a kind heart I also liked Alice and May s friendship They were total opposites but really complimented each other I liked how Poppy Nwosu showed the changes happening to May, when she falls in love with Finn and wants to hang out with the popular kids How that affects their friendship and, in a way, helps Alice to slowly open up Overall, I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.

  10. Jenna says:

    This was such a cute little romance I adored the characters and absolutely loved the way they felt so real and I was able to relate to their issues, particularly Alice when it came to studying and finding it hard to make friends I have definitely been there hell I m still kind of there now and it was so refreshing to see it portrayed so brilliantly in a novel.Plus the book was set in my hometown and guys believe me when I say NOTHING is set in this city So being able to truly imagine and know exactly where these characters were going and what they were describing was a real treat.