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  • Hardcover
  • 528 pages
  • This Land Is Their Land
  • David J. Silverman
  • 13 May 2018
  • 9781632869241

This Land Is Their Land Ahead Of The Th Anniversary Of The First Thanksgiving, A New Look At The Plymouth Colony S Founding Events, Told For The First Time With Wampanoag People At The Heart Of The StoryIn March , When Plymouth S Survival Was Hanging In The Balance, The Wampanoag Sachem Or Chief , Ousamequin Massasoit , And Plymouth S Governor, John Carver, Declared Their People S Friendship For Each Other And A Commitment To Mutual Defense Later That Autumn, The English Gathered Their First Successful Harvest And Lifted The Specter Of Starvation Ousamequin And Of His Men Then Visited Plymouth For The First Thanksgiving The Treaty Remained Operative Until King Philip S War In , When Years Of Uneasy Peace Between The Two Parties Would Come To An End Years After That Famous Meal, Historian David J Silverman Sheds Profound New Light On The Events That Led To The Creation, And Bloody Dissolution, Of This Alliance Focusing On The Wampanoag Indians, Silverman Deepens The Narrative To Consider Tensions That Developed Well Before And Lasted Long After The Devastating War Tracing The Wampanoags Ongoing Struggle For Self Determination Up To This Very DayThis Unsettling History Reveals Why Some Modern Native People Hold A Day Of Mourning On Thanksgiving, A Holiday Which Celebrates A Myth Of Colonialism And White Proprietorship Of The United States This Land Is Their Land Shows That It Is Time To Rethink How We, As A Pluralistic Nation, Tell The History Of Thanksgiving

10 thoughts on “This Land Is Their Land

  1. Geoffrey says:

    Suffice to say, the story most of us have been taught about Thanksgiving and English settlement in the Plymouth Colony area is a bit on the sanitized and oversimplified side of things Now while there is quite an abundance of literature out there that works to address the actual complexity of the matter, even these books still tend to address the history from a Pilgrim centered point, as if they are still the primary players at the start of a fresh new nation But the basic fact of the matter is that they were just a ragged bunch who anchored ship right in the middle of Wampanoag territory one of several indigenous nations that had existed in the area for quite some time already in various shapes and forms So since it was in their backyard that it all began, why can t the focus be grounded on the indigenous side for a change Thankfully, we now have precisely that much needed shift of vantage point Drawing upon everything that historical record can provide, David Silverman provides as rich a history of the Wampanoag tribe as one can possibly construct by telling their story all pre European settlement in the Americas, through the beginnings of European settlement in the northeastern US, all the way up to the present day This Land Is Their Land is a fantastic read for all those who want to give their historical perspective the long overdue edit that has been necessary ever since whatever fateful day way back in school when we were presented with happy images of Pilgrims and feathered natives gathered around a cooked turkey.

  2. Amanda says:

    Wow I m not sure I will ever look at Thanksgiving, and especially the traditional images of the Pilgrims and Plymouth Rock, the same way ever again There is a lot of information to digest in this book Very eye opening.Thank you to NetGalley for my copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

  3. Justin says:

    I was granted an ARC of this via Netgalley from the publisher When we think of Thanksgiving we usually think of time spent with family and plates filled with traditional Thanksgiving food We make allusions to the circumstances of the first Thanksgiving in decorations featuring friendly pilgrims and Indians and if one is in school or has children in school perhaps a Thanksgiving play But rarely do we think about the true circumstances surrounding the first Thanksgiving and the fraught reality of the relations between the Pilgrim and the Native Americans This Land is Their Land by Daniel J Silverman does just that, shining a light on a part of history many of us know little about In this book, Silverman reveals to the reader a brief history of native peoples to the Americas before focusing on the Wampanoags, the Native Americans the Pilgrims first encountered, and the surrounding native peoples He describes the complex culture of these peoples before their encounter with Europeans and what occurred after contact leading up to the pilgrims, most of which ended violently He then covers the interactions between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags and the reasons why the chief or sachem, Ousamequin, decided to establish relations with the Pilgrims Silverman does an excellent job examining the relationship between the two groups and why they made the decisions they made which eventually ended in King Phillips War and almost destruction of the Native American culture in New England However, Silverman highlights the strength of the Native Americans, their ability to adapt and resist erasure both physically and in history while encouraging the reader to take steps in their own lives to acknowledge the truth surrounding the first Thanksgiving This is an excellent book that should be recommended reading for every American.Rating 5 stars Would highly recommend to a friend.

  4. Bookworm says:

    Another timely read for both Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month, it is long past time to hear the real story behind the sanitized version children are often taught Silverman shows that the stories you were likely taught if you were educated in the US arenot very true From the founding of Plymouth to the now known genocide of Native people, Silverman shows what is likely a much accurate version of what happened.It s an informative book but it also wasn t quite what I thought it would be I thought it would be focused on the concept of Thanksgiving itself, instead of a in depth history Which is not wrong but I perhaps went into the book with a slightly different idea of what it is.I also found it to be a tough read, not for the content which in itself was interesting , but the author s writing style He s a professor andyou can tell I could very easily see this book as something that shows up in a syllabus for a class of the history of the US settlements and colonies, a class on Native history, etc but it wasn t light reading at all.Which is not to take away from the text but I d recommend you take your time with the book to really learn from it but don t expect it to fly by , either Library borrow was best for a non school reader, I think.

  5. Rebecca L. says:

    THIS LAND IS THEIR LAND by David J Silverman provides an impeccably well researched account of the true events that transpired surrounding the holiday that the United States celebrates as Thanksgiving. The text is illuminated with pertinent illustrations that help to bring the history of of the Wampanoag to life This extensive book examines the history of the indigenous peoples that inhabited the United States before the white settlers came to America Silverman shows that the Wampanoag and other tribes possessed their own complex civilization before pilgrims set foot on Plymoth Rock Silverman does not shy away from the stark realities regarding the interactions between Europeans and Native Americans Using a vast amount of historical evidence, he brings to light the often times shameful ways that the United States has dealt with the Indians This is an excellent book for those who are interested in learning about the hidden side of history.

  6. Susan Sevier says:

    Silverman tells a difficult story, and that story and the questions he asks are carefully gathered from the few first hand accounts left to us by those who were there, and from the storied history carried from generation to generation to the hands of the living Wampanoag in our time As a good historian, Silverman is careful to put heavy qualifications around his sources These sources, no matter how spare and unscientific by modern standards do not paint a merry picture of two just met groups of people, praying and celebrating over turkey and sides that thanksgiving day To read my full review, visit

  7. Jack Sullivan says:

    I recall visiting Andrew Jackson s home and thinking smugly how backward Southerners were by how horribly they treated their slaves This book turned me 180 degrees The way we treated native Americans was genocide, pure and simple And I m from the state that takes its name from the chief of the Wampanoag tribe Massachusetts.

  8. Patricia says:

    A really interesting and thoroughly researched history of the true story behind the First Thanksgiving myth My only criticism is I wish there had been another chapter detailing how and when this myth got started and gained such traction.

  9. Krissy Neddo says:

    DNF Reminded me of a class I took in college Was glad to revisit this important topic Read like a textbook at times and I found myself skimming parts Was unable to finish in time and had to return to library May borrow again to finish.

  10. EmpowerPuffGurl says:

    What I am loving about This Land Is Their Land The Wampanoag Indians, Plymouth Colony, and the Troubled History of Thanksgiving by David J Silverman 1 I haven t fully completed this yet it s a thick one but so far this has been essential reading, especially for this time of year There is so much to the history of thanksgiving than what we learned in elementary school 2 Silverman gives a detailed account of what actually happened at the first thanksgiving as well as the trauma endured by the Wampanoags that has been erased from our textbooks 3 Though the book itself is big, it is unlike other historical nonfictions in the way that it is easy to read and incredibly accessible Though I m not quite finished with the book yet, I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone wanting to learn about the real history of thanksgiving.