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Sarah Alderson, author of Hunting Lila, Losing Lila, The Sound, Fated and Out of Control.Originally from London she has lived in Bali for the last four years with her husband and daughter.As well as writing young adult fiction under the name Sarah Alderson and adult fiction under the name Mila Gray, she also writes screenplays.You can find out at

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  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Watch Over Me
  • Mila Gray
  • English
  • 21 November 2018
  • 9781534442818

Watch Over Me From The Author Of Come Back To Me Comes A Striking New Novel About A Young Woman Desperately Trying To Protect Her Family From Their Violent Father Who Finds Safety, And A Passionate Romance, With An Ex MarineEver Since Zoey Was A Kid She S Been Caring For Her Mom And Her Little Sister, Defending Them From Her Violent Father She S Been The Strong One, The Responsible One As She Sacrificed Her Wants And Dreams To Keep Her Family TogetherNow The Life They Ve Built For Themselves In California Is About To Be Upended Her Father, Just Released From Prison, Has Discovered Where They Re Hiding And Has Come Looking For ThemEnter Tristan A Former Marine And Now Member Of The Coast Guard, Tristian Promises His Best Friend, And Zoey S Marine Brother, That He Will Take Care Of Zoey And Her Family Protect Them, Watch Over Them, And Be The Rock They Need In Their LivesAnd As Tristan Starts To Help Zoey Deal With The Emotional Fall Out Of Her Childhood, Their Relationship Turns From Protector To Something The Two Grow Closer As A Romance Blooms Into A Heart Pounding And Powerful Relationship That Zoey Hopes Will Be Strong Enough To Fight Off The Damage Her Father Has Done To Her And Her FamilyBut Not Everyone Can Be Kept Safe Forever, And When Zoey S Father Does Show Up, A Confrontation Ensues That Will Change Zoey S World Forever

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  1. Jen ♥Star-Crossed Book Blog♥ says:

    Watch Over Me was beautifully emotional and gripped me from that first page There was a thriller element to this story that kept me terrified with what was to come next And even though I m not a thriller girl, it fit perfectly into this story and I loved every minute of it Especially since the characters leaped off of the pages, the relationships burrowed deep into my heart and the story made me turn the pages faster I absolutely loved Watch Over Me and I can t recommend this book enough I grab the phone Yes I say Silence greets me Who is this I whisper, heart hammering furiously There s another second s silence, and then I hear the click as whoever is on the other end hangs up As I stare at the phone, there s an enormous BOOM The window shatters, and glass flies across the room A wall of heat rushes toward me as a crackle and a deafening roar fill my ears One of the many things I love about a Mila Gray book is that the prologue gives us a brief glimpse of the future I m riveted every single time But once the story starts, I get so caught up in what is happening that I forget we re going to run into that moment And the moment in this prologue It was horrific He s so different now, so grown up in a way that makes me feel weirdly uncomfortable and also makes me want to keep staring Zoey was almost 19 years old and had the weight of the world on her shoulders She always sacrificed what she wanted so she could take care of her mom, eight year old brother and younger teenage sister They were trying to make a life on their own, since Zoey put her father in jail for almost killing her mother But her father got out of jail early And it looked like he was terrorizing them again The tension ran so thick at times that I had chills racing down my spine I m sorry, Tristan says, and it riles me because the last thing I want or need is his pity You shouldn t have had to deal with that all by yourself It must have been hard That s an understatement But something catches in my chest I think he might be the first person who s ever recognized how hard it was Tristan promised to watch over them He was Zoey s older brother s best friend And her brother was being deployed overseas Tristan knew them from when they were kids and was someone the family could trust I loved Tristan He was an Officer in the Coast Guard and was such a good man Tristan had a kind heart, was protective and tried his best to do good by others He was also open, honest and had the worst jokes ever Tristan always made Zoey and I smile and laugh I know I should probably pull away because I m no longer crying, but I don t want to I feel safe in his arms I loved Zoey She worked so hard to take care of those she loved But she could be bitter and cynical, because of her past Zoey also had problems accepting help from others So I loved watching her and Tristan butt heads Because every single time they did, it seemed to intensify whatever was between them And since we got to hear both of their thoughts, I just wanted to push them together For them both to find their happiness with one another But darkness was looming, and you could feel the unsaid threats from her father lingering in the air I stare into her eyes She looks at me , her face so open , like she s standing, holding her heart in her hands and offering it to me The vulnerability gives me pause But then she does something unexpected she pushes up on tiptoe and presses her lips to mine This is easily one of my favorite brother s best friends romance story And while it was amazing seeing all of the characters we loved from Come Back to Me and Stay With Me, you don t have to read those books to follow along with this story But I highly recommend you do because you ll feel so many emotions And those characters played pivotal moments throughout this story Tristan wraps his arms around my waist from behind I won t ever let him hurt you, he tells me, whispering the words into my ear before kissing me on the jaw I shiver against his body and lean into him, closing my eyes, wishing I could believe him Mila Gray s books always make me cry than any other book does I looked back and realized I cried six different times while reading this story From heart to hearts, to being terrified, to happy tears, she made me feel it all So if you love romance stories about family, friendships, finding your way in life and true love, then you ll want to pickup Watch Over Me I ve fallen for another Mila Gray book Watch Over Me is definitely going on my favorites list PS The emotional development between Zoey and her mom and sister was absolutely beautiful.PPS The table crush scene had me laughing so hard I couldn t breathe, best thing ever Kit, Walker, Didi, Jessa oh my gosh it was perfection I love those characters and have missed them so much I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher All thoughts and opinions are my own For of my reviews, please visit

  2. Cassidy (cassidyreads) says:

    This is the 4th book in a series but they can all be read as standalones.Brother s best friend, suspense, family and love This book was just as emotional as the rest of the books in this series This story follows Zoey and Tristian Zoey is a caring person, while she takes care of her brother and basically her mother too, she is always putting everyone first Tristian becomes the perfect fit and match for Zoey He helps her out and becomes the person she needs in life, he helps Zoey lift that weight off of her shoulders a little bit and Zoey becomes less afraid and stressed about her abusive father Zoey and Tristian create such a beautiful connection between each other this story may contain triggers abuse

  3. Madi ~☆TheBookNerdDiaries☆~ says:

    3.5I received an e ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and this has is no way affected my review.TW Domestic violence Descriptions of name calling, physical abuse, stalking, gun violence Watch Over Me is my fourth Mila Gray read and the sort of fourth book in the Come Back to Me series The series isn t a series in terms of it being the same story over several books, but all the books share similar storylines most being some sort of military romance and a lot of characters show up in the other books, especially in this one.The first book I read of Mila s and in the series was Stay With Me and it remains my favorite to this day These books got me interested in military romance however I haven t found many YA military romances so if you have a recommendation please let me know and I became a Mila Gray fan while reading I think I first noticed that we were getting a fourth book while casually browsing NetGalley and I was so pumped because even though I didn t enjoy some parts of the three books I read later, I still really liked Gray s writing and the romances she writes I honestly was kind of shocked that I received an e ARC from Simon Pulse via NetGalley because I don t see myself as a big blogger and I don t often get many requests approved from bigger publishers like Simon but it was such a pleasant surprise Because life midterm szn pt 2 got in the way, it took me a little bit to get into this one but once things kind of calmed down and I had some reading days, things improved Slight spoilers ahead, read at your own risk ZoeyZoey is the main female MC in Watch Over Me She s a really well written character and a really strong one as well Zoey deals with a lot her father and the domestic violence situation, her mother s depression, her siblings and her concern for them, and also just trying to keep herself and her family afloat She struggles to be vulnerable and accept help because she s so used to doing things on her own, but she keeps it inside because of all that s going on Seeing her have moments of happiness through all of that was.Domestic Violence StorylineImmediately from the get go, we as the reader get the sense that this book will be darker than the others and that it will deal with violence, which we later learn is specifically domestic violence I haven t read I don t think any books that have dealt with the subject before so I can t say for certain, but I really got the feeling that it was done really well and realistically.The RomanceWhen I was planning this review, I wrote that something that really stood out to me was that the chemistry between the characters was very much there The chemistry was really well written and it was very obvious that the two main characters fit very well with each other Except for a few issues I had with their relationship, I think it was a good fit and an enjoyable one to read.Issue I had with the RomanceMy issue found with the romance is that male MC, Tristan admits that Zoey has a lot going on and a relationship may not be what is good for her right now but gets into one with her anyway Despite the threat of her father looming overhead and the family reeling from their arson experience that is pretty recent and these thoughts in his head, he pursues a relationship Once it started, I warmed up to it but it still bothered me that he had those reasonable thoughts in his mind and then ignored them.Final Thoughts Wrap UpI d say this one is probably 2 out of all the Mila Gray books I ve read It was a really enjoyable and deep read that was done really well, but it just didn t beat out Stay With Me The chemistry showed and seeing the characters grow and deal with their struggles was really enjoyable I do wish we had seen of Tristan in the Coast Guard than just a chapter and some brief mentions, but the story does focus on Zoey and her journey I m interested to see if there will be books in the series and if we ll get to see of Zoey and Tristan in the future Blog Facebook Instagram Twitter

  4. Samantha (WLABB) says:

    Zoey thought they had escaped her abusive father, but after a suspicious fire, her family was forced to up and move again, in hopes of evading him Life in California seemed full of promise A nice home, a good job, and her brother s best friend, Tristian, to watch over them But, this was just the quiet before the storm This story started with a BANG Literally And, once the action started, it never really slowed down I was quite stressed out, but at least I had a white hot romance to ease my pain I loved Zoey and Tristian together Although both had some baggage to unpack, there was an undeniable attraction and a lot of depth to their relationship I liked that Tristian was very invested in Zoey and her family, and that he encouraged her to go after things she wanted A big part of Zoey s story was how all her decisions were not made with her best interest in mind She was always choosing her family first, which was a beautiful thing to do, but it also caused her to constantly miss out I may have actually applauded, when she finally chose herself It may have been a small thing or a big thing, but she finally put herself first.I always go on about how much I love companion novels, as we get a fresh story, but also spy some familiar faces among the cast Gray brings back our couples from the previous Come Back to Me books, and I was excited to catch up with them It was wonderful to see them all in one place, and Gray really made them a part of this story Overall An emotional romantic suspense novel, that had my heart pounding due to the intense action sequences and the fiery romance Intense, yes, but well worth it for such a wonderful HEA ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS

  5. Colleen says:

    When I read the summary of this book, I thought it was going to have the feel of a Katie McGarry or a Simone Elkeles book, which means equal parts of drama action and romance This had the feel of a paperback romance, which surprise me for this was a young adult teen book While I am not a hundred percent sure for I skipped the parts on the off chance it was true, there was some scenes that were graphic on what was occurring or at least that is where I think it was heading Usually, that is common in adult books At least, the language was not on the same level as some adult books I thought the plot was on point The plot is a girl and a guy fell in love, but they have to content with her father s sudden and violent reappearance I thought the exploration of Zoey s character development was also on point I also really liked how Tristan behave and his personality There was a sweet moment when he is thinking about the future that me sigh a bit Because there was a lot of plot, I felt the romance scenes could have been tone down and I felt like those moments overshadow it For me, when the romantic scenes start to overshadow the overall plot points then it becomes like an adult romance Verdict Overall, it was a sweet story with some danger Due to some scenes, I felt this could have been an adult book, which is why my review of 3 stars is like 2.5 stars It could also be I am particular on where the line falls between an adult book and a teen book.

  6. Haley Campbell says:

    Things I liked I really enjoyed Zoey and Tristan s characters I felt they were distinctly individual and well developed I liked the premise of the book and the way that the story plays out It never came across as forced or inorganic It didn t feel too rushed There were ups and downs and it was just generally very sweet Zoey s past is very troubled and Tristan treats her so well I loved their relationship I also really loved the relationship between Zoey and her siblings The author didn t shy away from real sibling issues If you have siblings, you totally understand what I mean by that We really get to see them becoming comfortable in their new settings and expressing themselves and their personalities Things I didn t like I really don t have anything negative to say about Watch Over Me I really enjoyed it I flew through it in a matter of hours If there was anything I had to say about it that I didn t like, it would be that the ending felt very short We build and build and then the conclusion doesn t last very long But to be honest, it didn t really need to In conclusion, this is a really sweet story and I enjoyed it immensely I would recommend this one to basically anyone except my mom because there are some steamy moments Thank you so much to Netgalley and Simon Schuster Children s Publishing for an advance copy for review All opinions are completely my own

  7. Jessica (the naptime writer) says:

    I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley but all opinions provided are my own Zoey dreams of a time when she can do what she wants, be who she wants, but that s an impossibility right now she s got her siblings and mother to care for her abusive father to worry about The latter becomes an even pressing worry when Zoey s car explodes outside of their apartment she learns that her formerly imprisoned father has been released An abusive man before he was imprisoned, his rage has become directed even toward Zoey whom he blames for his imprisonment Out of options, Zoey and her family turn to her brother s best friend for help Tristan s long known about Zoey s abusive father and wants to do anything he can to help, including getting her a job and an apartment where he lives Before he knows it, his initial attraction toward Zoey, the girl he s known for years, becomes irresistible, neither he nor Zoey feels like trying to play it safe any But their relationship is up against some pretty big odds her father, whose harassment escalates to dangerous levels, Zoey s own feelings of obligation toward her family.Watch Over Me is a New Adult, sibling s best friend romance where the stakes are much bigger than Zoey s brother learning about her relationship with his best friend Zoey s father is dangerous violent, willing to go to any lengths to punish his family From a plot perspective, the book is dramatic unpredictable from the first pages, it s a tension that Gray maintains finally brings to a satisfying climax And from a characterization perspective, I appreciated how sensitively Gray writes about his effect on their family, and how Zoey, her mother, and her siblings, grow throughout Watch Over Me and meet the challenges they re confronted with Most impressive is Zoey herself, who learns to follow her own path cast off what others have to say She s helped by her relationship with Tristan, a lovely hero who makes mistakes but owns up to them, her family s encouragement, her own burgeoning sense of self worth The content warnings definitely need to be heeded here past physical emotional abuse, harassment, attempted murder , but I think that many readers will find a lot of value in Zoey and Tristan s story not to mention a lovely romance between two characters who deserve happiness.

  8. Meghan says:

    This book was received as an ARC from Simon and Schuster Children s Publishing Simon Pulse in exchange for an honest review Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.I love stories like these when Military men return from duty and find that there is a family in need and in this case it was Zoey s family raising everyone with what they had from the damage their father set for them and after spending years in jail, he finally gets out and starts looking for the rest of the family and Zoey is not longer in hiding Then there is Tristan who is a former Marine whose best friend was Zoey s brother and after getting killed in combat, he devotes his time in protecting the family and being there for Zoey After they spend time together, Zoey and Tristan grow close with each other and fall in love Now, Zoey has all she ever wants until the father finally finds her and confronts her with all that has been done and now Zoey s world has been turned upside down and Tristan to the rescue I was in tears almost throughout the whole book and could not stop reading with the desire to know .We will consider adding this title to our YFiction collection at our library That is why we give this book 5 stars.

  9. Averie Allwein says:

    Hi okay this was probably my most anticipated release for the whole yet, and I m sad to say I m a little disappointed This book jumped around a lot A lot of things happened in this book that didn t necessarily add anything to story can t tell y all specifics bc of spoilers I did love the couple in this book But we didn t really get to see a lot of them Time jumps quite frequently in this book They get together and all of a sudden it jumps 2 or 3 weeks and we are told they are a couple now Well I wanted to see what happened in those weeks I felt like we were told a lot of things in their relationship instead of shown themA big problem I had was the communication within the family Zoey and her mother are both adults They should have been able to talk to the younger siblings about serious things They should have had a talk with these kids if they thought something was going on with them, instead of ignoring them or letting the kids ignore them I will say I loved how previous characters from this comparison series popped up I absolutely love Jess and Didi, so it was a nice surprise to read about their lives in this book as well While this book is not my favorite in the series, I did have an enjoyable time reading it.

  10. Carro Herdegen says:

    Language R 140 swears, 17 f Mature Content R Violence PG13Growing up in an abusive home taught Zoey to be paranoid and defensive all the time to take care of her loved ones But she let her guard down because they were supposed to be safe there was no warning that her father got out of jail early on parole Running from him once , Zoey wonders if her family will ever be safe and if she ll ever be free from fear.Zoey s story is fine, though a little predictable Watch Over Me has the tells of being a standalone romance in a series of connected characters with background information alluded to as Easter eggs for those who read the books in order it is not necessary to read the others to follow along in this one I m not a fan of the execution of Zoey s story because of the unnecessary foul language and the detailed sex scenes, but, even without those parts, this book isn t one that needs to read The mature content rating is for sex, other sexual activities, and sexual assault the violence rating is for domestic violence, gun violence, and attempted murder.Reviewed for