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Hi I m a writer who thinks the world would be a fascinating and possibly much better place if tweenage girls were in charge I m interested in anything that can help explain why we re all here on this planet or bring a tear to my eye Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

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  • Paperback
  • Karina
  • E.B. Mann
  • 25 February 2018
  • 9781732843080

Karina For Karina Morgan, Every Day Is Another Chance To Be Bullied By The Pretty Girls At School All Because Of An Accident When She Was Just A Baby That Left Her Horribly Scarred Her Life Seems Hopeless, Until She Stumbles Upon A Mysterious Cave Near Her Home What She Learns From The Cave S Extraordinary Inhabitants Will Change Her Perspective And Her Life Forever.

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  1. KarmA1966 says:

    Karina is a YA novel that can connect with kids of any age Karina is a middle schooler who has self esteem issues She doesn t feel pretty enough She doesn t feel like she fits in at school She doesn t feel like she has a place in her own family, a family often dominated by her two rowdy younger brothers She feels, frankly, like lots of young girls of this age Young girls who are trying to find their identity, place, and purpose in the world.To tell this story, EB Mann mines a rich tradition of storytelling by paying homage to classics like Alice in Wonderland where a young protagonist goes to a magical or fantasy land to help explain the real world and the hero s place within it I had the good fortune of reading this book with my own middle schooler and Karina helped us to open up a dialogue and talk, for the first time, about some of the pressures...

  2. Betsy Myers says:

    I won this book via Goodreads First Reads I am an ECE Administrator and I added this book to the lending library for parents and staff at my school.

  3. Gmr says:

    A much headier tale than I initially imagined, but filled with the positive message of reader heal thyself Karina was hurt by the world, once upon a time, but that hurt, that accident, created a rift in how she approached life The world was no longer her oyster, but an oyster farm, out to get her when she least suspected One day, she stumbles upon the door to her inner voice stay with me and after this initial discovery, she is changed She no longer sees simply the ugliness of the world, but the hidden battle between our true selves and that which we present to the world Visit after visit, she comes to understand that while her skills for seeing are unique, that inner realm exists for each person, if only they d look deep enough within to find it, trust that little voice to guide them in the right direction She finds it s something she can help others with, but not simply show them, as the journey to that level of understanding is very personal, and the path to get there varied By book s end, she s covered much ground within, allowing her to better accept the coming changes in her life as beloved people say goodbye and her future looms ...

  4. Donna says:

    This was a quick and interesting read Admittedly, I am a bit than a bit past the intended reader age for this book It is a mix of reality and fantasy as Karina struggles with the difficulties of middle school and the cruelty of bullying The fantasy world she encounters helps her to work through her fears, and deal with the scar from an i...

  5. Annette says:

    Karina is the story of a girl finding her way through the difficult world of adolescence Karina, is an awkward teen with relatable problems, who starts a journey of self discovery and to accept one self I like the thought from this book.

  6. Wendy says:

    In Karina the plot opens when eighth grader Karina Morgan her face disfigured in a childhood accident, lacking in self confidence and withdrawn especially when faced with bullying and inconsiderate remarks at school discovers a door to a mysterious cave in the woods near her home while chasing her terrier Henry Entranced by the faint glow of light in the darkness she follows it to an icy world where she meets Algernon and a magical singing fish As the story progresses Karina slowly opens up to her mystical guide and begins a healing journey that has her not only empathetic to the deeper emotions of others, reacting differently to friends and family, reaching out to a boy next door but bringing change to the landscape of the cave.In the Karina s search for healing and self discovery E.B Mann blends reincarnation and the power of positive thinking into a story that touches the heart as she discovers not only the trauma of an accident that gripped her emotionally but her parents part in having her deny her feelings The strength of the plot lies in not only how Karina heals but how the experience changes...

  7. Cora says:

    This book would probably best be appreciated by young girls between 6th and 8th grade Karina stumbles upon a mystical cave and an elderly being there named Algernon becomes her advisor of sorts Young girls will like the adventure journey aspect of this novel.Karinais termed An Alice for the new age There were some very Alice in Wonderland type influences, but the emphasis would be on new age Clairvoyancy, reincarnation and many other alternative spiritual customs are the main subject matter My criticisms for this book would be, I would have liked to have seen character development, and I would have been drawn in by a different cover This cover brings to mind a sullen, depressed, withdrawn young girl With deeper character development, I may have found that to be the case with Karina, but as it was, I found Karina to be an optimistic, fairly well adjusted girl Not enough focus was given to the bullying she sustained at school I think the magical...

  8. Emmanuelle Works says:

    First of all, let me start by saying I do not feel quite right reviewing this book, but since I won it in a Goodreads giveaway, it s expected of me It is clearly written with middle schoolers in mind, and there s nothing in it I haven t seen many times before, presented in a interesting form But then, as an adult, I couldn t stand A Wrinkle in Time either After finishing it today, I gave it to my 11 year old daughter asking her to read it and give me her opinion I will post it later It s a short and easy read The family dynamic is well observed, especially between the siblings, the characters are quite sweet and relatable They do feel like real teenagers When the book sticks to the coming of age of the young heroin, her psychological and emotional journey, it does quite a good job, quite sensitively, even if everything seems at times unnecessarily spelled out However, I found the new agey, pseudo Buddhist mumbo jumbo typical of our Western cultures inability to grasp Eastern philosophies yet insist on attempting to apply them to our lives very distracting As usual, they are both unfairly idealized and misrepresented Having experienced time with Tibetan B...

  9. Finley says:

    I received a free digital copy of this book through a giveaway hosted on GoodReads Karina is a sweet coming of age story, about accepting yourself as well as being aware of those around you The main character, Karina, is busied at school due to a scar above her eyebrow that she received after a fall as a toddler Due to this, Karina goes through life hiding her face and trying to avoid others, fearing that anyone who sees her scar will find her ugly and instantly hate her Then, one afternoon while walking her dog in the woods, she discovers a hidden door, inside which lives a strange man named Algernon who helps her to really look past her outward imperfections to see the strong, brave, beautiful girl she can be if she can only allow herself to heal And while going on this emotional journey over subsequent visits to the cave, she also gains powers to see into others lives to see their inner faces or the secrets in their pasts, or sometimes even details about other lives that have subconsciously affected their current ones to help her understand why others are the way they are, to reach out to those who once seemed unapproachable, or to let go of the pain caused by others be realizing that it was a result of their own flaws, rather than her own.The way this story is constructed is amazing While it has definite magical vibe to it, it also backs up m...

  10. Ruth says:

    This is a middle grade novel with a compelling story of beauty is in the eye of the beholder Karina is an eight grade student , smart and trying hard to be a wallflower Her attempts follow from her childhood trauma of an accident leaving her with what she calls the scar It rules her thoughts and guides her actions She is also a rather gifted empathic She encounters the early teen crushes, desire to emulate others, but feels like it will be hopeless Her family is also confused in roles and purpose and she feels the pain and anger One evening after a day at school being ridiculed and ignored by family except her dad, she walks out into the night and finds a gift only for her A mysterious door in a mound of dirt, a cave allows her to enter and learn a new life She sees and reacts differently, learns that pain must be let go in order t...