The Red Mother #1

About the Author: Jeremy Haun

Jeremy Haun is a freelance comic book artist Beginning in 2002, Haun worked for Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Oni Press, Devil s Due Publishing, Top Cow, and Marvel Comics Since 2008, he has worked for DC Comics He is best known for his work on Berserker and Battle Hymn.External links

➩ The Red Mother #1  Ebook ➯ Author Jeremy Haun –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 27 pages
  • The Red Mother #1
  • Jeremy Haun
  • English
  • 15 September 2017

The Red Mother #1 Jeremy Haun Returns To His The Beauty Roots As He Teams With Danny Luckert, Hot Off Regression, For A New Psychological Horror Series After Losing Her Eye And The Man She Loves In A Brutal Mugging, Daisy McDonough Is Left Trying To Put The Pieces Of Her Life Back Together Just When She Begins To Think She Can Heal Move On, She Begins To See Strange Things Through Her New Prosthetic Eye And The Red Mother Sees Her In Return Continuing BOOM Studios String Of Successes, The Red Mother Follows Faithless, Once Future, And Something Is Killing The Children For A New Original Series That Examines The Dangers That Hide In Plain Sight And The Consequences Of Digging Beneath The Surface To Find The Truth Underneath

10 thoughts on “The Red Mother #1

  1. Shannon says:


  2. Nathan Haines says:

    This issue follows a girl called Daisy who eats too much pizza, and as a punishment the universe decides it will take her boyfriend, and her eye, and give her episodes where she sees a grey skull creature.All in all, it was actually pretty dull Although in fairness I find first issues of comics generally are From the off I am pretty glad that Luke disappears as I can t say I really liked him, Daisy s character is fairly flat, the weird grey skull creature seemed fairly uninspired, beyond the first page the artwork was pretty unimaginative and the story hasn t really grabbed me I liked who I assume is the police officer.I will read a few issues in the series as usually these pick up, but so far not so good.

  3. Tobin Elliott says:

    Damn.I ve never read anything by this team, but I saw the 1 on the cover and thought I d give it a go This issue does a fantastic job of setting up the central mystery while not throwing a ton of story into the pages We get enough to know we definitely want And, not only is the writing excellent, the art is gorgeous.Excellent start.

  4. Oneirosophos says:

    A bit generic thriller, but interesting

  5. Liz (Quirky Cat) says:

    Red Mother 1 is the start to an all new psychological horror series from Boom Studios If you ve been looking for a good one to dive into, then this is the comic for you Jeremy Haun The Beauty, The Darkness , Danny Luckert Regression, Haunted , and Ed Dukeshire The Woods, Infinite Horizon team up to bring us this chilling new read.Daisy McDonough was just another ordinary person having a wonderful day with her boyfriend, Luke But that ended up being the last normal day of her life That night, Luke walked somewhere she couldn t follow And trying to follow merely put Daisy at risk Before I dive into this review, I would like to make one thing very clear There are some really graphic images in Red Mother 1 For many people, these images would probably be fine But if you re particularly sensitive about eye injuries, this is a series you re going to want to hard pass on Also, don t look at the alternate covers for this issue.Check out the full review over at Quirky Cat s Comics

  6. James says:

    3.5 stars A solid 1st issue Our main character Daisy and her BF Luke are taking a walk after dinner and Luke gets snatched up by something Daisy gives chase but gets her eye damaged or torn out She wakes up in the hospital dealing with this tragedy that has happened She get a prosthetic eye and shortly afterwards it s starts doing some weird stuff Definitely curious for the next issue.